New plans on the way for Roman Reigns

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New plans on the way for Roman Reigns

The latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown saw big surprises for the WWE Universe. In the final segment of the blue brand, WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and his faithful ally Paul Heyman took to the ring to celebrate the Hell in A Cell Match victory of the previous week against Rey Mysterio and Mad Genius immediately provoked saying that now there was no one to challenge the champion.

A few moments and we officially saw the return of the Rated-R Superstar Edge, back after the defeat suffered in the Wrestlemania 37 Main Event, in the Triple Threat Match with Daniel Bryan, himself and the champion, who came out unscathed even on that occasion.

The reaction and Edge's return to the ring was vehement and the wrestler hit the WWE Universal Champion hard, then also attacked Jimmy Uso, who came down to defend his cousin. Edge is back and WWE then officially announced that there will be a match between Edge and Roman Reigns for the title in the upcoming Money in the Bank Pay Per View.

Backstage News on Roman Reigns

During the last episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, the well-known colleague and passionate Dave Meltzer took stock of what is happening in WWE and what are the company's plans for the current Smackdown champion, here are his words specifically: "Seth Rollins as Roman Reigns' new opponent? Probably I think this will be held in September, what I understand is that at SummerSlam there will be Edge vs Seth Rollins and I believe that if the Messiah wins at that point it will go to the match between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns."

The challenge between Roman and Seth intrigues fans of the WWE Universe a lot also because right now we are talking about two of the most impressive Heels not only of Smackdown but of the entire WWE. The last time the two faced off was in a single match that took place on an episode of Friday Night Smackdown way back in October 2019.

We wouldn't be here today talking about how good Roman Reigns' run as Tribal Chief would be without the beginning of the feud which involved Roman Reigns trying to prove to Jey Uso that he deserved to be The Head of the Table for their family.

But whilst Reigns faced Jey Uso a few times in singles action during the early stages of this run, including a grueling Hell in a Cell I Quit match, he has never faced the other half of The Usos, Jimmy Uso in a singles match.

It looked like we would be getting that match for a while with Jimmy Uso throwing in the towel for Jey at the aforementioned Hell in a Cell match, and then refusing to acknowledge Reigns as Tribal Chief. However, Jimmy ended up replacing Jey as Reigns' right-hand man.