Samoa Joe wants to get back to fighting soon

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Samoa Joe wants to get back to fighting soon

One of the characters who came back by surprise to show up during one of the last weekly episodes of the WWE shows, is Samoa Joe, an athlete who had returned to the release list a few weeks ago and who had been immediately contacted by Triple H, only a few hours after his dismissal, with a new role for him, to be entrusted to him in that of NXT.

During one of the last episodes of the yellow show on Tuesday night, Samoa Joe made his return in front of the WWE cameras, going to support the General Manager of NXT, William Regal, after the latter had feared the idea of wanting to leave the helm of the WWE yellow show.

At the moment, Samoa Joe would therefore have an Official role on the company's television screens, given that his physical state still does not allow him to fight assiduously in the federation's rings. In addition, in recent weeks, Joe would also have been entrusted with scouting roles, with WWE relying on his great experience to find young talents to be able to sign with WWE or to be able to pass into the main roster, from NXT.

Samoa Joe received his release from WWE on April 15

After more than a year of inactivity, it seems that Samoa Joe has also gotten a little tired of not returning to the action in a pro-wrestling ring, after a stellar career like his, lived between Ring of Honor, TNA and WWE.

In his latest interview with Ryan Satin, in the Out of Character podcast, the Samoan-born athlete wanted to talk about several topics, including his new role in WWE and his future return to the scene as a fighter, saying: "A lot has already been done, Triple H and I have talked a lot about this transition.

It wasn't just going back to NXT and having an on-screen role on that show. Now, I also work in the talent scouting department, work with Canyon Ceman and do a lot more administrative and behind-the-scenes stuff than you can imagine.

It's a transition to other aspects of the business that is WWE. My job now is to try to give opportunities to those talents who might not even be looked at if not helped by someone. In spite of everything, I am absolutely continuing to work for my return to the ring.

The answer is absolutely yes and I will leave it here for you." WWE executive John Laurinaitis informed Samoa Joe on April 15 that he was going to be released. Later that day, Triple H told Joe he wanted him to work in NXT again.

William Regal's new enforcer said he is “really excited” about the on-screen and off-screen projects that have been presented to him. “It was a really great, cool opportunity that Hunter [Triple H] offered me,” Joe said.

“I’m still a performer here within the bounds of WWE, so it was a very, very nice understanding that we’ve come to. I’m really excited about it, really excited about some of the projects”.