John Morrison feels he's just entering his prime

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John Morrison feels he's just entering his prime

John Morrison left the WWE in the now distant 2012, many of the fans of the WWE Universe believed in a temporary goodbye with the wrestler ready to return after a few months for a feud with The Miz. These rumors have only remained so with the wrestler who has been out for seven years only returned to the company a few years ago.

Last week the wrestler was back in the spotlight as he qualified for Money in the Bank after a nice win over Legend Killer Randy Orton.

John Morrison departed WWE in 2012

Morrison shared his impressions in an interview with TV Insider's Scott Fishman and talked about his WWE experience.

Here are his words: "In wrestling things never go the way you really expect. I was really excited to get back to work with The Miz, I remember that in the documentary The Chronicle about my return, Dolph Ziggler walks towards me and cameras follow me.

All I did in my debut is open the door and say 'I'm sorry,' Miz doesn't speak at that moment and Ziggler high-fives me and says good debut, guys. Did my return go as I expected? No. Everything thinks about the wrestlers who are in the Main Event but sometimes things don't go as one wants.

In the end, however, things went as I liked." John Morrison's victory over Randy Orton surprised WWE Universe fans and the American wrestler will now be part of Money in the Bank. Regarding his best moment in WWE John Morrison revealed: "This is really exciting and is the main reason I came back.

When I left I thought of myself as a good professional wrestler and despite my age, I now feel like I was in the flower of the years. In wrestling, there are various details that make you understand what the best time is and I feel that my best time is around the corner, for this, I work hard and hope to be able to progress in the WWE Universe."

John Morrison recently sat down with Scott Fishman of TV Insider to talk about all things WWE. When asked what it was like to finally have his wife join him in WWE, Morrison shared an adorable story about him and his wife.

"I remember coming back from the gym and was super tired," John Morrison recalled. "The first thing she says, 'Can you go to the ground for a second? I have a few [Mexican submission holds] I want to try on you.'

Then I worked on one too. Just being able to do that and talk about the business and talk to someone who I love. Someone I want to spend my life with, it is very special because there aren’t people who really understand all this. She does."