Alberto Del Rio reveals that he started working as an architect

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Alberto Del Rio reveals that he started working as an architect

Alberto Del Rio has had to manage a horrible time in recent times, especially due to the assault charges that forced him to stay in prison for a few months. The former WWE star has faced several tough challenges in his personal and professional life.

There are not a few wrestlers who choose to take a detour from their main activity to experiment with different jobs. In a lengthy interview with Riju Dasgupta for Sportskeeda, the 44-year-old of Mexican descent revealed that he had dedicated himself to the profession of the architect during his hiatus from wrestling.

El Patron will make his return to the ring at the end of next month as he will be attending an event held in Texas.

Alberto Del Rio has faced several challenges

“I never thought I'd go back to the wrestling world.

I was already thinking about other activities for my future, I had also confided it to some people close to me. I am an architect and I was working on some houses in San Antonio. Buying old houses, renovating them, turning them upside down and then selling them.

I am El Patron only when I perform in the ring, out there I am only Alberto” - Alberto Del Rio said. The former US champion admitted that his legendary father - Dos Caras - motivated him to get back in shape. “I had no intention of returning to training, I was having a hard time in my private life.

He encouraged me to get up and go back to my favorite activity. He had raised a fighter. He suggested that I go there and prove that I was not the horrible person being painted. He knew it was only a matter of time and that the truth would come out sooner or later.

It was necessary to understand if people from outside would have believed it since it is not easy to restore an image that is almost compromised. The situation is slowly returning to normal, soon I will be able to say that this nightmare is definitely behind us" - said the former SmackDown superstar.

Del Rio has had two stints with the WWE with his last run ending when he was released in September 2016. The former WWE champion revealed he would be open to a WWE return and a potential Hall of Fame induction. The first thing Alberto Del Rio plans on doing after possibly re-signing with WWE is apologizing for his mistakes.

The veteran star had his fair share of backstage problems in the WWE, and Del Rio has expressed remorse about the past. Alberto Del Rio didn't realize the hardships of being a wrestling promoter and now understands that it was all just business at the end of the day.