*Spoiler* New developments for the character of Riddle

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*Spoiler* New developments for the character of Riddle

Today we will have the Triple Threat of qualification for Money In The Bank between Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles, the women's 3 vs 3 and the confrontation between Kofi Kingston and MVP! The evening starts immediately with a twist: ADAM PEARCE and SONYA DEVILLE announce the absence of RANDY ORTON!

Due to the Viper not being present, there will soon be a Battle Royal to decide who will fight in tonight's Triple Threat! RIDDLE is revealed, reading a letter from Mister RKO in front of the two managers; in the text, it is understood how Orton ordered the Bro to participate in the battle with more men and to win it to repeat itself also in the main event!

Bro or not? WWE RAW belonged to Riddle this week.

WWE RAW belonged to Riddle this week

There are only two reasons why he came up short in the main event match. The first is so that Drew McIntyre, who can never challenge Bobby Lashley again, can cash in the contract in front of a live crowd to finally, finally get his due!

The second is to sow dissent between Riddle and Randy Orton. Battle Royal Match, the winner will be part of Triple Threat Match. It starts with the elimination of the now-forgotten DREW GULAK (let's spread a pitiful veil) and continues with the all-oriental duel between ALI 'and MANSOOR, while JINDER is seen again MAHAL!

Meanwhile, the OMOS COUPLE CHAMPION intervenes, eliminating the VIKING RAIDERS by himself, while the 24/7 belt changes hands three times! JEFF HARDY is eliminated by CEDRIC ALEXANDER, but the last two to remain are RIDDLE and DAMIEN PRIEST, with the latter very close to victory in more than one circumstance!

Priest is on the apron and tries a sort of attack on the Bro ... BUT RIDDLE HITS HIM WITH A FOOTBALL ... AND PRIEST FALLS OUTSIDE THE RING ... RIDDLE WINS BATTLE ROYAL !!! Not happy, the Original Bro says he wants to put Randy Orton's theme song as background music ...

what a great friend our Riddle is, don't you think? Backstage we find SHAYNA BASLZER, NIA JAX and REGINALD! The Queen Of Spades promises to defeat NIKKI CROSS and make ALEXA BLISS and LILY (still with this doll) pay for it, all under the hidden gaze of the Grudge-style Goddess (not really but scary...)!

We move to the interview area and see COUPLE CHAMPIONS AJ STYLES & OMOS, with the Phenomenal One promising to win tonight and to take the briefcase on July 18th! And on these images, the first part of the red show ends!