*Spoiler* Kofi Kingston protagonist of a promo battle

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*Spoiler* Kofi Kingston protagonist of a promo battle

The second part of RAW always opens in the backstage, where NIKKI CROSS is interviewed! The new WWE Wonderwoman ... I think ... oh well the Scottish says she is ready for the challenge! -Nikki Cross Vs Shayna Baszler w Nia Jax & Reginald After a few minutes, we see ALEXA BLISS showing up on stage, while heroine Nikki lands everyone after a nice dive!

The Queen Of Spades and the Scottish landed in the square after a double attack and the little Miss Bliss approaches Nia and Reginald… HIT THEM WITH A FOOTBALL !!! Shayna gets distracted and risks losing on a Rollup; however, Baszler seems to think more of Bliss than Cross… NIKKI ROLLUP AND EVERYONE AT HOME !!!

After seeing the recap of what happened seven days ago, KOFI KINGSTON arrives in the ring, defending Xavier Woods' courage in last week's Hell In A Cell Match and promising to beat BOBBY LASHLEY! Shortly after, MVP arrives, accompanied by the classic maidens!

The All Mighty manager makes fun of the Ghanaian about the chances of victory for MITB, saying that what Brock Lesnar did two years ago.

Kofi Kingston can also hold his own in a promo battle

Will be nothing compared to what Bobby will do!

Kofi Kingston states that Xavier will be back next week and… ATTACK MVP… TROUBLE IN PARADISE TO SIGN !!! Kingston watches MVP and rails against Lashley! Backstage we find… no… EVA MARIE & DROUDROP!

The pink-haired girl blames her partner for her defeat seven days ago, but she says that she has found the right measures to be able to return to victory! -Asuka & Naomi Vs Droudrop & Eva Marie The two veterans put Droudrop in difficulty and the latter asks for the tag ...

BUT EVA MARIE REMOVES HER HAND AND STAYS OUTSIDE THE SQUARE !!! Unlike last week, however, the newcomer puts the "pissed off" mode and knocks out both rivals and ... CLAMOROUS SPLASH ON ASUKA A SIGN !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!!

Droudrop wins, but that harlot Eva Marie gets the microphone and says she won… I'm seriously thinking about saying some bad word! Backstage we find JOHN MORRISON and THE MIZ, with the latter intending to win the briefcase for the third time ...

BUT IS INTERRUPTED BY RICOCHET! The three have a verbal confrontation and the former NXT thinks well to respond with water guns! Shoot empty -Ricochet Vs John Morrison w The Miz Both male MITB qualified athletes perform various acrobatic maneuvers, while The Miz's jacket becomes a towel due to yet another shot from Ricochet's water pistol.

The former NXT is ready for its 450 SPLASH ... BUT MORRISON RUNS EVEN IN THE BALUSTRADE AREA ... CROSSBODY OF RICOCHET ON MORRISON !!! The two remain on the ground in the area of ​​the balustrades ... 8 ... 9 ... 10 !!! THE MATCH ENDS IN DOUBLE COUNT-OUT !!! And on the images of Ricochet and John Morrison on the ground, the second part of the red show ends!