*Spoiler* The WWE RAW Women's division needs to be revitalized

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*Spoiler* The WWE RAW Women's division needs to be revitalized

The third and last part of the red show starts backstage, where we find CHARLOTTE FLAIR and COUPLE CHAMPIONS NATALYA & TAMINA! The Queen affirms that she does not have bad blood with her two companions, but that she respects them for her and, like her, they are children of art, unlike their rivals!

-Rhea Ripley & Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose Vs Charlotte Flair & Natalya & Tamina The match, as expected, is a real chaos, with Dana and Mandy very close to victory; Dana and Nattie remain in the square, while Flair thinks it best to sneak the tag after a REJECTED SHARPSHOOTER… BIG BOOT ON DANA… 1… 2… 3 !!!

Charlotte laughs… BUT RHEA STRIKES HER IN THE LEG AND RUNS OUT OF THE RING !!! The Australian laughs, while Flair accuses pain in the limb just hit! Backstage we see JAKXON RYKER preparing for the Strap Match ... Oh well, R-TRUTH's intervention I don't think he needs anything else ...

A new beginning -Strap Match, Jaxson Ryker Vs Elias The Drifter starts well and this is news! The battle is balanced, with the two hitting each other heavily and exchanging shots on the corner. However, Elias is thrown from corner to corner and starts begging his ex-friend ...

NO REMORSE TO SIGN !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! JAXSON RYKER WINS !!! Backstage we find RIDDLE and DAMIEN PRIEST, with the former realizing that he is exaggerating in being witty with Priest and willingly accepts the latter's compliments.

Good Damien admits that Orton has found a great friend and is really lucky! We move to the interview area and we find DREW MCINTYRE, who wants to tell one of his classic stories set in Scotland between knights, princesses and dragons ...

but then he says it's all a joke so as not to answer the question and oh well ... We came to the match to three that will conclude the evening: who will qualify for Money In The Bank? Perhaps the main match was the six-woman bout featuring RAW Women's Champion Rhea Ripley, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooke vs Charlotte Flair, Natalya, and Tamina.

We're not even sure why or when Natalya and Tamina turned heel, but it was a quiet move.

WWE will likely need to make Lynch the focal point of the division

The WWE RAW Women's division needs to be revitalized and that was none more so evident than on the latest episode.

We witnessed numerous matches in the women's division, but little was done to maintain interest. Triple Threat Qualifying Match for the Men’s MITB Ladder Match: AJ Styles w Omos Vs Drew McIntyre Vs Riddle After a dominant start from the Scotsman, Riddle, despite the foot problem, takes the match and begins to hope for a miracle.

However, the Bro's injury affected his maneuvers, so much so that he ended up badly against the steps. The Phenomenal collides with Drew… CALF CRUSHER TO SIGN… BUT RIDDLE ARRIVES… BROMISSION TO SIGN !!!

McIntyre saves Styles, but gets a kick from Riddle… PHENOMENAL FOREARM TO SIGN… NOOO… RIDDLE'S KNEE DROP… SUDDEN RKO !!! IT'S DONE !!! 1… 2 .. BUT OMOS SAVES STYLES !!! Riddle despairs… MCINTYRE'S CLAYMORE !!!

1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! DREW MCINTYRE QUALIFIES AT THE MITB LADDER MATCH !!! Today's edition of Monday Night RAW ends on the images of cheering Drew McIntyre!