Samoa Joe Talks About His Feud With AJ Styles

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Samoa Joe Talks About His Feud With AJ Styles
Samoa Joe Talks About His Feud With AJ Styles (Provided by Wrestling World)

Samoa Joe was on Out of Character with Ryan Statin recently where he spoke about his feud with AJ Styles. Many people have not followed Samoa Joe’s career. Joe was actually a very popular indie wrestler and he was one of Impact Wrestling’s top stars.

In Impact wrestling, he fought many WWE legends and WWE stars that left the company for Impact Wrestling. He also had a few great matches with the legendary wrestler Sting. Joe also had a very impressive feud with AJ Styles.

Before joining the WWE AJ Styles himself was a very well respected indie wrestler. He too was one of Impact Wrestling’s biggest stars and one of the few wrestlers that beat some legendary wrestlers easily in Impact Wrestling.

Samoa Joe on His Feud with AJ Styles and History Between Them

Joe first spoke about his feud with Brock Lesnar, but then started speaking about his feud with AJ Styles. According to him his feud with AJ is also one of the highlights of his career.

“It’s probably one of my more favorite things that I’ve one in my career,” Joe said. “I think that feud was the best encapsulation of what the best of us is in WWE, in their style and what they do.

They have the ability to produce something like that because we can go a little bit more in-depth. We can have me go out to the house and have me sit on the front porch with the camera crew and say horrible, somewhat threatening things.

And just kind of giving me the license to kind of work with what I was saying and kind of let me be me. “It was a lot of fun. Road Dogg was really instrumental in a lot of that at the time. We’d come up with some great stuff.

Working with AJ was great, working with Wendy was great. I’ve known the man forever and he’s practically a brother to me. For me, it was just very, very funny because I’ve known Wendy forever, and it was such a departure from how I view Wendy and how I’ve known Wendy my entire life.

It was fun in that aspect too. AJ is as advertised, he’s phenomenal. Any time I step in the ring with him, it’s probably the easiest thing in the world because he can make anything or anybody look great. And being in the ring with him is always a pleasure. It’s never not awesome”.

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