Otis changes his look again


Otis changes his look again

Many Superstars wear the look with which we have come to know them for decades, some even for entire careers, only to shave, cut their beards or otherwise change some feature that made them famous, leaving fans really shocked at first sight without them.

Just think of Hulk Hogan's famous moustache or Shawn Michaels' long blonde hair. Two of the athletes who had given us a cut with the return (or semi-retreat), leaving fans stunned, were Triple H and Edge, with the former continuing to keep a very shortcut (just like best friend HBK), while the second then preferred to make them grow again, as also done by Undertaker in the last years of his career.

Usually, when a wrestler instead fights in the company rings again, he must first ask permission from the management to make similar changes to his look, so as not to run into disciplinary problems, as happened to Rusev, when he showed up for the first time in the backstage of the company.

federation completely shaved, without having asked anything to anyone, before making his cut. Obviously, these problems could arise as the WWE focuses a lot on the image of its talents and above all with these images, different jobs are done, such as advertising, that of action figures and many others, who work with the look of athletes on a daily basis.

The gradual transformation of Otis from a comedy character to a full-blooded heel has been truly fascinating to watch. In the latest episodes of Friday Night Smackdown, former Money in the Bank winner Otis appeared without his long, thick beard, which had now become a hallmark of the wrestler.

Otis enjoyed a successful amateur wrestling career

Apparently, this transformation is not over, however, given that in the last episode of the WWE broadcast The Bump, the athlete of the Alpha Academy presented himself with an even different look, going to show completely without a beard, but also with a cut of very short hair, which we were not used to, nor expected.

In addition to cutting his hair, Otis has also adjusted his beard, even more, eliminating it entirely with a razor, literally becoming unrecognizable to all fans of the WWE Universe. Otis enjoyed a successful amateur wrestling career as the star was a genuinely talented heavyweight who was briefly considered for the U.S. Greco-Roman wrestling team at the 2012 London Olympics.