WWE has hired three new superstars

WWE has announced the signing of its next set of Performance Center recruits

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE has hired three new superstars

In recent months, the WWE has done nothing but release talents, wrestlers, various insiders and employees, with the two-year period 2020-2021 that was certainly the blackest regarding the layoffs arrived at the hands of Vince McMahon and associates.

Over the course of just over a calendar year, in fact, over 300 wrestlers, referees, road agents and many other professionals have found their way home, including senior executives who have worked for the Stamford-based company for the past 30 years and who found themselves unemployed overnight.

Apparently, however, the WWE would also be focusing on its future, going to occasionally introduce some new athletes under contract, such as the famous new class arrived at NXT which also included Franky Monet or Parker Boudreaux, with the first that has already arrived to debut at NXT, while the second is on the way.

WWE: Sean Tan is a professional wrestler from Singapore

With its usual article on the official online website, WWE wanted to present three new recruits from the federation's international sector, who have already gone to the Performance Center to start training and training to become a professional wrestler worthy of the company's rings.

Stamford. The three athletes respond to the names of Feicheng Wang, Sean Tan and Jei Yin. With its usual article, WWE also wanted to briefly present the three athletes, to make it clear where they come from and above all what kind of athletic training the three boys have.

Starting from Feicheng Wang, we learn that the boy is a big man of one meter and 90, weighing 110 kg, is Chinese and comes from training with Hatley Jackson and Alexander Otsuka. As for Sean Tan, we know that the boy is 25 years old and has already been champion of Singapore Pro Wrestling Southeast Asia.

Finally, speaking of Jie Yin, in addition to knowing that she will soon start training at the Performance Center, we also know that the girl finished second on the podium of the CrossFit China Open and competed for the Asia CrossFit Championship.

Jie Yin is the only new recruit who doesn't have a wrestling background, but she does have extensive CrossFit experience, placing second in the CrossFit China Open and having competed in the Asia Crossfit Championship. We're assuming that COVID-19 caused a delay in the signing of these new Superstars, hence the quite lengthy gap in between their tryout and their signing announcement.

Slowly but surely, WWE is putting together a great roster of Asian wrestlers with the likes of KUSHIDA, Asuka, Io Shirai, Sarray, Mia Yim and Tian Sha all receiving some spotlight on WWE programming.

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