Lana opens up on her WWE release

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Lana opens up on her WWE release

Among the many athletes released in recent months by the McMahon family, there is also the name of Lana, wife of the other former WWE, Rusev, now AEW TNT champion, who was included in a wave of layoffs that came as a surprise, which hit very famous names on the main roster, such as Aleister Black, Lana and Braun Strowman.

T he beautiful blonde from Monday Night Raw had been one of the female protagonists of the red show throughout the beginning of 2021, with a long storyline that had seen her contrasted with the mammoth Nia Jax, who had even brought some fans to cheer for her, although the athlete has never been so appreciated for her in-ring athletic skills.

Lana was one of six Superstars to be recently released from WWE

In his latest interview with Talk Is Jericho, the well-known podcast of the former WWE and AEW Champion, Chris Jericho, Miro's wife wanted to tell how difficult her last stint in WWE was, with the fear of being fired which was now part of daily life, after the releases had started to be more and more conspicuous.

In the chat with Jericho, Lana said in fact: "I was in the middle of a texting chat with Mandy Rose. We were texting each other about other random things when I was surprised and told her, 'I just got fired.' She wrote me 'Wait, what?' and I 'Yeah, they literally just released me.'

And I called Nattie immediately, I couldn't even speak to Miro at that moment. Despite the sadness, I still felt reborn at the same time, in the sense that I had been expecting this phone call for a long time. And that's the part I don't like about that environment.

Any wrestling deal I'll have after - if I stay in the wrestling world, which I hope - I don't want a clause where they can fire me whenever they want, because that's the worst of it. Living in a state of anxiety and fear, waiting for that 'future endevors' to come knocking on your door.

I'm a planner and I had plans for the next half year, you know. And now I have these plans - I'll invest my money, I'm a business woman." However, Lana went on to say the following, which definitely seems to suggest she has some negative stories about the goings on backstage in WWE that she wants to blow a whistle on.

"It's a little bit of freedom that I can be the face that I want to be. I can stand up for freedom, I can stand up for truth, I can speak up for things that people exploited and a lot of things."