Roman Reigns radically changed WWE's plans for Survivor Series 2020

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Roman Reigns radically changed WWE's plans for Survivor Series 2020

As you will surely remember from the last Big Four of last year, or Survivor Series 2020, to compete in the most anticipated match of the evening were the respective world champions of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, with Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns, who they challenged each other in front of the ThunderDome audience, to show members of the WWE Universe which of the two was the most dominant champion of the federation.

To get the better of the last PPV that saw Undertaker appear in a WWE ring, for his final salute, needless to say, it was in the end Roman Reigns, who managed to make his opponent swoon, with his move of submission to the head, which has already become his trademark.

Apparently, however, the initial plans of the WWE were not to be these, or rather, the match still had to end like this, but one of the segments seen during the contest, should not have aired in that way, since the commentators table destroyed by the champions, it was initially meant to be destroyed by two colleagues from McIntyre and Reigns.

Lana talks about Roman Reigns

To the microphones of Talk Is Jericho, the now ex WWE Lana wanted to tell how the end of her storyline with a lot of feuding against Nia Jax should have culminated in last year's Survivor Series, when Nia had to make her destroy the tenth table, after well 9 weeks of other tables destroyed, in a storyline that theoretically was supposed to make Miro's wife go over, but obviously it didn't.

Speaking of the Series segment, Lana said: "We had to do the whole table commercial thing on the show. And in the end Roman Reigns didn't want to, because he chose to do that commercial with Drew. So my push was stopped.

The Samoans, Nia and Roman, you know, and all that stuff there. From the series, 'Oh my God, I found myself in the middle of this drama.' So it had to be a great spot. It had to culminate there from the very beginning of the whole storyline.

I had to be in the ring with Nia, who then had to destroy me, bringing me to the table, because at that point they all had to be heels and I had to be the only babyface of the moment and therefore they had to be against me and this thing should have helped me."

Last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown was full of surprises. Roman Reigns was scheduled to celebrate his successful title defense from the previous week, and Paul Heyman had even issued an open challenge on behalf of the Universal Champion.

However, neither of them was expecting what was in store for them. Reigns' celebration on WWE SmackDown was abruptly interrupted when Edge made a surprise return and attacked The Tribal Chief. He subjected Reigns to a brutal beatdown, sending a strong message to the champion.