Billie Kay Reveals WWE Release Shocked Her

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Billie Kay Reveals WWE Release Shocked Her
Billie Kay Reveals WWE Release Shocked Her

Billie Kay is now known as Jessica McKay and is a former WWE superstar. She recently appeared on Oral Sessions and stated that her WWE release shocked her. Jessica was part of a popular WWE group called the IIconics. They won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title during a WrestleMania event which propelled them to stardom.

Although they had a good wrestling ability, they were mostly known for being used for comedy. Jessica revealed that she was extremely surprised that she was released by the company, as the people backstage loved her and her character.

Billie Kay on Being Released by WWE

“The split was rough. I didn’t know who I was. I was a singles competitor, and that was very confronting,” Jessica McKay added on her singles run on SmackDown. “Having [Cassie] not with me anymore, I remember [thinking], oh, I have to walk to the ring, and she’s not going to be on my left, so don’t look to the left or hold your hand out ’cause she isn’t going to be there.

For some reason, I was like, ok, I have to be s*xy. I thought I had to be something that I wasn’t. I was like, I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t know what to do. “I was thankful that I got to go to SmackDown ’cause I definitely thought we needed to be on different brands, and I don’t think they realized what the domino effect would be after splitting a tag team-up, especially us.

So, when [I] went to SmackDown, I mentioned this before, but TJ [Tyson Kidd] helped me a lot. There was this one time [where I told him], ‘You’re my new Cassie,’ because everything I would vent to Cass [about], I was just saying it to TJ.

That’s why he’s so special. He listened to me, and he supported me. I told him that I just wanted to be myself – make people laugh and smile – that’s all I wanted to do…When the headshot/résumé kind of fell into my first promo, I was like, there’s something here; I want to keep doing this.

I spoke to the writers, and luckily, they were on board. I was having so much fun, I really was. Billie Kay was released in April along with many other WWE Superstars.

Billie Kay

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