More dark matches before SmackDown announced

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More dark matches before SmackDown announced

Lately in WWE superstars are being fired, hired or tested to see if they meet the standards required by the company to be on the main roster. In fact, many of them start from NXT or the Performance Center. We recently saw the news that talked about several dark backstage matches on Raw and SmackDown faced by some superstars of the yellow-black brand.

Among all the names of Karrion Kross and Bronson Reed stand out. At the time of the news Bronson Reed was North American Champion, before losing his belt last Tuesday to Hit Row stable leader Isaiah Swerve Scott, while Karrion Kross was and is NXT champion.

However, it seems that the Stamford company did not limit itself to dark matches, or to televised rehearsals at the Main Event, to be able to test some superstars, in fact, tests are still underway. In the last few hours, other names of superstars involved in some backstage matches at SmackDown have been revealed.

More dark matches before SmackDown announced

According to reports from the overseas website PWInsider, WWE would have exhibited fighters from NXT and the Performance Center, before the recording of tonight's SmackDown episode.

The matches reported are: Shotzi Blackheart vs. Storm tones Odyssey Jones vs. Robert Roode Karrion Kross vs. Cesaro Obviously we all know the two athletes involved in the first match, Shotzi was the woman with the most matches in 2020 for the NXT roster and former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, while Toni was an excellent performer, winner of the Mae Young Classic 2018.

While Odissey Jones is a former football player who had signed with WWE in 2019. And Karrion Kross we see him again tested by the management against Cesaro who is one of the best. It also appears that referee Aja Smith, the only female referee at NXT after Jessica Carr moved to the main roster, was also backstage at SmackDown.

WWE SmackDown was a pretty good show from top to bottom even though Roman Reigns wasn't around this week. Nothing during the show dragged on, most things had a sense of purpose, and even though some of the matches felt like we'd seen them before, they delivered.

The whole 'bad luck' arc that WWE SmackDown star Baron Corbin's life seems to have taken is the most interesting thing to have happened to him in quite some time. In fact, the segment with Rick Boogs backstage, where he cracked one bad pun after another, seemed to paint Corbin in a very different light. In this scenario, Boogs came across as the heel and Corbin, the babyface.