Aleister Black pays tribute to Roman Reigns

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Aleister Black pays tribute to Roman Reigns

Unfortunately the WWE Universe, but in general the whole world of wrestling, was shocked when on June 2 the news of some, others, WWE layoffs against their wrestlers came out. One of the names that certainly caused the most discussion is that of Aleister Black, who after several months of hiatus had returned to be seen on our screens with some very interesting promos and a new character.

Aleister then returned to SmackDown, once these promos were over, attacking former New Day, Big E, making us understand that he would be his target for the big comeback, but soon after he was fired. After his release, Black left positive statements about Vince McMahon and his company, through interviews and live on Twitch, unlike some other colleagues who have gone heavier.

Among the many things he also talked about his colleagues, telling a little about his own experience with them and all the sensations he felt while experiencing such an important adventure in his life. Universal Champion Roman Reigns has a massive target on his back.

Ever since returning to WWE last year, he has dominated the entire roster and there are many superstars who want to dethrone him.

Aleister Black opens up on Roman Reigns

Speaking with former Aiden English in WWE, now simply Matthew Rehwoldt, Aleister Black said: “There was a tour where I sat down with Samoa Joe, who I've known for a long time and who has always been nice to me, and I did the same with Roman Reigns.

It was one of the first times I felt just how much a leader of the Roman locker room really was. It's a nice memory where we forged a bond and I was able to talk to him about a few things. He is simply the man who drags our business."

Then Aleister Black went on to speak well of the locker room in general: “As bad as some of the experiences were, the locker rooms were always fantastic. Our changing rooms were beautiful and we had a lot of fun”.

Beautiful words from the former WWE that he wanted to share with everyone a small part of the wrestler's life that is often not highlighted to make room for what you see on TV. In late 2020, Kevin Owens started a feud against Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The two faced each other at WWE TLC in a TLC match which Reigns won, thanks to the outside help from Jey Uso. The two then faced each other in a Steel Cage match on SmackDown and then in a Last Man Standing match at WWE Royal Rumble 2021. However, Roman Reigns won both those matches as well with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman's help.