Zelina Vega's WWE return has spurred fans on social media

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Zelina Vega's WWE return has spurred fans on social media
Zelina Vega's WWE return has spurred fans on social media

In the news that we are bringing you there are some spoilers of the Smackdown episode aired last night, so if you want to avoid them because you have not yet followed the episode, we advise you not to go on with the reading.

In the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired tonight on the American FOX television screens, WWE has seen fit to bring back its former manager and athlete, Zelina Vega, after a period spent at home for the girl, after being was fired by Vince McMahon himself, for having breached the new rules imposed by the Chairman regarding relations with third parties.

After issuing his edict, banning WWE wrestlers from taking part in live shows on Twitch, having social pages that brought additional income to wrestlers, such as an account on Onlyfans, (which Zelina had, among other things), Aleister Black's wife had continued her social commitment carelessly, forcing the Chairman to fire her.

Zelina Vega returns and the web is mobilized for Aleister Black

After having revealed itself in an absolutely surprising way in the Smackdown rings, with Sonya Deville who went to present her as if Zelina Vega had never left her post in WWE, the media tamtam regarding the reappearance of Aleister Black on the ring of the Stamford company.

If Zelina has returned to peek at Smackdown after several months away from the company, soon her husband Aleister Black could also return, indicating a relaxation of the relations between the two parties, who until a few weeks ago were very tense.

The Stamford-based company, in different situations, has in fact released both Zelina and Aleister, with several executives who have however strongly opposed the releases, especially as regards that of Black. Immediately after seeing the return of the Vega, obviously on the web the fans of the WWE Universe went wild, with the name of Aleister Black who immediately became a trend topic of the well-known social Twitter.

On Twitter the messages praising the name of Black were in fact tens and hundreds of thousands, with fans, journalists and insiders who have done nothing but press the WWE on the recruitment of the dark talent, which probably could already be closer to the company of what you believe.

So we just have to wait anxiously for the next weekly episodes of the company, in view of two great events such as Money in the Bank and Summerslam, which could be the perfect location for Black's return to the scene.

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