Arturo Ruas reveals WWE plans for him before release

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Arturo Ruas reveals WWE plans for him before release
Arturo Ruas reveals WWE plans for him before release

During the last few months, WWE has granted itself several cuts in its rosters, even very important ones, which have done nothing but increase the profits of the company, going without several large expenses, such as the salaries of athletes, referees, road agent, various professionals and even employees.

Among the many excluded from the WWE rosters, both part of the main roster of Raw and Smackdown, and part of the NXT brand, there were several not very well-known athletes, on whom, however, the company had been trying to focus for some time, such as Arturo Ruas.

The Brazilian talent, who born in Beirut, had in fact been included first in the NXT roster, then he had made appearances in that of Raw Underground, and then instead disappeared completely from WWE televisions, both the main and secondary ones.

Arturo Ruas was last seen on WWE T8V in November

Apparently, according to what has been reported in recent weeks, Ruas together with Marina Shafir of NXT, should have been two of the members of the new stable that debuted at NXT last week, namely the Diamond Mine.

In his latest interview with Wrestling Inc, Ruas confirmed these rumors, saying that within the WWE environment he had been told about these projects and also adding: "Everyone has their own role. I don't think a writer or a producer would be capable or allowed to say that you will be fired one day.

They always have something to tell you, but don't tell me that you will do this or that with me if it isn't true. Just tell me 'Dude, it's over for you. I don't know what will be for you in the future of this company, but as far as we're concerned we have nothing for you', and I would have understood that there was something underneath.

But don't tell me you will bring me back on stage. But that's okay. Maybe the person who called me didn't know anything about what was happening because it's crazy. Everything changes so fast and the changes come anyway no matter what happens.

You must always be ready." Arturo Ruas was last seen on WWE T8V in November last year when he locked horns with current Cruiserweight Champion Kushida on the November 18 episode of 205 live. The third from this thread of releases is Curt Stallion, who featured heavily on 205 live until March.

Stallion revealed that he'd suffered a serious wrist injury and would require surgery. His last bout was a tag team match. His partner for the match was Mansoor as they defeated the Bollywood Boyz who were also released earlier today.