Why did Zelina Vega lose her WWE return match?

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Why did Zelina Vega lose her WWE return match?
Why did Zelina Vega lose her WWE return match?

One of the most shocking appearances of the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, was definitely that of Zelina Vega, former manager and WWE fighter, who had been released several months ago for breaking some rules that Vince McMahon had imposed on relations with third parties and the use of Twitch.

After several weeks of absence, WWE had also gone to fire her husband, Aleister Black, who was currently one of the most prominent Superstars at Smackdown and who had recently returned to the scene to play a new character and thus begin also a feud against Big E on the blue show.

Zelina Vega is back in WWE

In addition to her presence, which WWE Universe fans did not expect at all, WWE also wanted to point out to members of its audience, the fact that Zelina Vega entered without even having a qualifying match, at Money in the Bank.

Ladder match women of the ppv of July, with Sonya Deville who confirmed her entry into the contest, right during the live Smackdown. To enter the scene immediately after, Liv Morgan took care of it, who was bitter enough not to have yet been included in the match with the stairs, requested and obtained an immediate match against Vega, which was then won among other things.

from Morgan. However, many have wondered, among the fans of the company and the insiders, why the WWE made Zelina Vega lose his return match and to give an answer to this question, the well-known seems to have come to our rescue PW Insider site.

In fact, on its pages we read: "While it looks like WWE slit Vega's throat, they still announced her for Money in the Bank, which is already a huge push, bigger than any roser wrestler has ever taken." In practice, in order not to rage too much on the rest of the WWE female roster and not to disfigure Liv Morgan in this case, the WWE has decided to keep only her participation in the Money in the Bank Ladder as a return push for Vega.

match, without adding other important elements to the girl's momentum, keeping her in line with the rest of her colleagues. Back on November 13, 2020, Zelina Vega was let go by the company due to a breach of contract. This occurred due to her activity on OnlyFans, which went against WWE's new rule that didn't allow its superstars to have handles on third-party platforms. Vince McMahon was reportedly unhappy with Vega opening an OnlyFans account at the time.

Zelina Vega

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