Booker T reflects on the old school style

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Booker T reflects on the old school style
Booker T reflects on the old school style

In recent weeks, Roman Reigns has managed to literally make a clean sweep of all the Friday Night Smackdown babyfaces, with the company of McMahons having in fact once again had to fall back on a very famous name to carry on a new feud with the Tribal Chief of the company.

We are obviously talking about Edge, WWE Hall of Famer who had already begun a long feud with Reigns at the beginning of the year, then interrupted with the main event of Wrestlemania 37, where the universal champion of the federation had obviously triumphed.

After his return to the scene after a few months, the Rated R Superstar has re-taken the feud with Reigns right from where he left it, with the same intensity as before, but with much more energy available, after the rest period spent at home.

with his family. Now, at Money in the Bank, yet another face to face meeting will happened between the two very important WWE athletes, obviously valid for the title of absolute champion of the blue show. On the Hall of Fame podcast, he spoke about Reigns' feud with Edge.

The WWE legend praised The Tribal Chief's "dominant" reign as Universal Champion. Booker T, though, questioned who the contenders are for Reigns' Universal Championship apart from Edge. "There aren't a whole lot of contenders out there.

I look at this like a boxing match, a boxing division. Who's in the division? Who do I got to, you know, look at and say, 'Man, that's my next guy right there.' Back in the day, Hogan had Orndorff, The Barbarian, Bundy, Andre the Giant, Big John Studd - he had a bunch of contenders, a bunch of stars.

That's what I say right there. Where are the contenders? And if there are some, who are they?" said Booker T.

Booker T on the current WWE product

In his latest speech to the microphones of his Hall of Fame Podcast, McMahon's two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T, tried to explain why WWE must continue feuding with Reigns and other prominent Superstars of the past such as Edge, saying: "Edge is trying to finish this thing more than anything else in his life.

You can feel the energy coming out of this feud. I think people as soon as they saw them said 'Awww yes, we have something big here' One thing that is still very popular is the old school, because he is not dead yet. This is why there is still a need to go in certain directions.

Is this why you have to bring back characters like John Cena as well? Does Cena need another big match? Everyone says how much 'John Cena sucks', but people still want to see him. The Rock, now if The Rock came back and had a Wrestlemania match against Roman Reigns, don't you think it would sell itself, also bringing a lot of people to follow these stories? That's the friend point, that's the point, the old school isn't dead yet."

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