Backstage news on Aleister Black's future

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Backstage news on Aleister Black's future

The most surprising moment experienced by WWE Universe fans in recent weeks, at least positively, was the return of Zelina Vega to the company's TV screens during the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown. As Sonya Deville announced the latest introduction in chronological order in the women's Money in the Bank Ladder match of the July PPV, the former manager of Andrade and Angel Garza of Raw arrived on the scene, who had been fired several months ago.

for continuing to work on Onyfans and Twitch, despite Vince McMahon's ban. A few weeks after her dismissal, however, also that of her husband, Aleister Black, arrived, who had recently been included in a new project and in a new storyline, which should have made him debut with a new character in the Smackdown ring, but it never was, because after his return one night only with a lot of attack on Big E, the wrestler was fired.

Needless to say, after the return of Zelina Vega, as if nothing had happened, fans on social media started discussing about the alleged return to the scene also for Aleister Black.

Aleister Black found his name on the list of wrestlers released by WWE

Vega's husband, in fact, was one of the athletes that the executives pushed most of all to keep him and after his release some important insiders insisted with Vince McMahon to summarize him.

According to what is hypothesized by the well-known site Fightful Select, at the moment the chances of seeing Aleister Black in the rings of the McMahon company would not be very high, but at the same time they would not be equal to zero.

In fact, in one of the latest site updates, we read: "During the trial of Zelina Vega's return, Aleister Black was released. At the moment, he does not appear on any internal sheet of the roster indicating that he will be brought back on stage."

In practice, despite the return of his wife on-screen, for the moment the return of Aleister Black would not be so "phoned", even if he could still arrive by surprise in the coming weeks or months. The fact that Aleister Black was fired while WWE was already contacting his wife, is in fact a sign that the McMahon company probably had plans for Vega and not for Black, but for the moment we are not sure about it, so We just have to wait.

Recently, Aleister Black was on Renne Paquette's Oral Sessions podcast where he spoke about a myriad of topics. He discussed a nixed Brock Lesnar feud and a possible angle with Samoa Joe. The former NXT Champion also described how he felt when he was released.

“Two weeks before I came back and hit Big E, I sat down with Vince and he was like, ‘Are you ready?’" Black recalled. "One week later, I’m sitting in the gym and I see a name on the phone calling me. It was a distinct voice and this person also didn’t understand why I was let go. It was a sense of relief."