Kevin Owens challenges Roman Reigns

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Kevin Owens challenges Roman Reigns

When we talk about Roman Reigns we are not only talking about the WWE Universal Champion but we are talking about the one who for months now has dominated the main WWE roster and in particular that of Friday Night Smackdown.

In recent months, the Tribal Chief of Vince McMahon's company has competed with almost all the wrestlers on the blue roster, destroying anyone who got in his way and in the coming weeks, in the Pay Per View of Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns will challenge in a Singles Match the Rated-R Superstar Edge, returned after the knockout suffered by the champion in the latest edition of Wrestlemania 37.

Now the challenge to Roman Reigns is declared and almost all the participants in the Money in the Bank match have been announced where the winner will have the chance to conquer the suitcase in order to then challenge the champion.

In the former opponent of Roman Reigns, he will be in the match, we are talking about Kevin Owens, who, defeated in recent months, seems to want a rematch.

Kevin Owens on Roman Reigns

After beating Sami Zayn this week, Kevin Owens has earned a spot in this season's Men's Money in the Bank and is running for victory.

During Talking Smack, which took place after Smackdown, KO wanted to 'warn' his opponent. Here are his words: "Paul Heyman, I'm Kevin Owens and I'm live on Talking Smack. Don't hang up and listen, I know it's hard for you but I'm going to steal a minute of your time.

A few months ago I came to Talking Smack and told you I wanted the Money in the Bank contract, now I have qualified for the Ladder Match which will give me this chance. I just wanted to tell you in person, but we didn't see each other.

I'll win that deal at Money in the Bank. I'm one step ahead and tell you to warn Roman Reigns because once I win I'll come get him." WWE Mad Genius got 'big laughs' and hung up saying he got the wrong number.

What is certain is that now Roman Reigns has a new possible rival. There's little doubt about which title run has been the best for Roman Reigns. Between November 2015 and June 2016, he held the WWE Championship on three occasions - all of which were short durations.

While his third WWE title reign was meant to be a long one, a Wellness Policy Violation meant that the company had to take the title off him and suspend him for a month. Things are different in 2021. When Roman Reigns returned in 2020, it was after a hiatus of over five months.

It was the longest that he had been away from WWE TV and it was the break that he needed. Reigns would finally turn heel and won the Universal Championship a week after he returned.