Rusev could have started a feud with Daniel Bryan

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Rusev could have started a feud with Daniel Bryan

Over the past two years, WWE has done away with several major wrestlers, firing them overnight, for lack of creative ideas and lack of space on their shows, after going from doing nearly 300 shows a year, up to closing the doors to all television tapings, PPVs and live events due to the global pandemic.

Among the many excluded from the roster of the McMahon-owned company, Rusev, former US champion of Monday Night Raw, also returned in April of last year, who for almost a year had staged a very particular storyline in the company of his wife Lana and of current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

After passing for "cuckold" on the television screens of the federation, obviously always in the form of kayfabe, Rusev was so fired, with his future that he ended up instead in the All Elite Wrestling rings, where he now calls himself Miro and where he holds the title by TNT Champion.

Former WWE Superstar Lana has revealed that Vince McMahon rejected Rusev’s request to face Daniel Bryan in 2015.

Vince McMahon rejected Rusev’s request to face Daniel Bryan

To the microphones of the Talk Is Jericho, an important podcast of the former AEW World Champion, as well as WWE Champion, Chris Jericho, Miro wanted to tell an anecdote that not many fans know about his past in WWE, with the talent of Bulgarian origins naturalized American a few months ago, who in fact told: "We went to Vince the next week, bringing up an idea about a job to do with Daniel Bryan.

And he was like 'No, I'll split you guys' We were shocked, we had no idea what he wanted and he kept saying' No, no, no he's hated and you're over. They love you. So you can go down to NXT or... ' And I was incredulous and I was like, 'Wait, I can't understand.

Can't I be a bitch? I can be hated.' " Eventually, WWE shifted Rusev's attention to John Cena, never staging the feud with Daniel Bryan at that juncture, who eventually also had to retire for several months, due to a very physical problem.

serious, which seemed to force him to retire for life, but who instead escaped a few years later. While Rusev lost to John Cena at WrestleMania 31, Daniel Bryan won a seven-man ladder match at the event to claim the Intercontinental Championship.

Bryan was originally supposed to defend the title against Bad News Barrett at Extreme Rules 2015. However, the match was canceled and he was forced to relinquish the title due to the concussion-related injury, which led to his 2016 retirement.