WWE was interested in signing Moose

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WWE was interested in signing Moose

In recent months the WWE has gone to cut several wrestlers from their contracts that bound them to the company, also releasing numerous insiders or employees of the Stamford-based company's offices, to return for a moment in line with the exorbitant costs that the federation was beginning to have despite the hiatus due to the pandemic.

Despite the repeated releases that have arrived over time, including important names such as Braun Strowman, Aleister Black and Lana, the WWE has nevertheless continued to think about the future, putting young talent under contract to be able to be included shortly in the 'staff of NXT and in the future also on the main roster, such as John Morrison's wife, Franky Monet, who has already made her debut in the WWE yellow brand.

As of late, many notable former Impact names have signed with WWE, including Franky Monet (f.k.a Taya Valkyrie) and LA Knight (f.k.a Eli Drake). Another wrestler who could have possibly made his way over to WWE was Moose. Apparently, in recent weeks, the WWE has also targeted the former world champion of Impact Wrestling, the giant Moose, who is currently in a feud with the champion of the American federation who was once called TNA, as well as champion of the AEW, Kenny Omega.

WWE was interested in signing Moose

According to several online sources, WWE has been testing the waters to bring the main eventer of America's third company to its rings for some time now. In one of its latest updates, the well-known Fightful Select reports that: "We have been told that backstage they hope to get Moose to sign a contract, sending him directly to the main roster."

Apparently, a real offer never reached the athlete's address from WWE yet, but there would have been a real interest for some time. In recent months, however, Moose seems to have renewed his contract with Impact Wrestling in a multi-year manner, so it seems very difficult for WWE to snatch the performance of the mammoth black athlete from the Impact rings, unless there are important problems between the two.

parts, which at the moment do not seem to be there. Countless wrestlers from Impact have jumped ship to WWE, including mid-carders and former world champions. Over the last ten years, fans have seen many of their favorite Impact stars show up in WWE and their careers there have varied greatly.

One of the most notable names is AJ Styles, who competed in multiple promotions across the world prior to signing with WWE but is arguably best remembered for him time in Impact Wrestling.