Backstage details on Zelina Vega's recent return

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Backstage details on Zelina Vega's recent return

One of the most surprising news of the last week was certainly that concerning the return to the WWE scene of Zelina Vega, manager and athlete seen for years on the NXT rings and then on those of Monday Night Raw, only to be fired from the today to tomorrow, for breaking some hard and fast rules imposed by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

After requiring his athletes to stop all non-WWE activities that bring money, such as live shows on Twitch or OnlyFans channels, where the girl would put her cosplay photos of her, Zelina continued her extra activities regardless of the ban on the Chairman, thus receiving his dismissal.

After that of Zelina, however, the release of her husband, Aleister Black, has also arrived, who has returned to one of the waves of layoffs that the WWE has done in recent months, to go to thin out its rosters, eliminating all those characters who do not they now had a future on his television screens.

Zelina Vega returned during this week's episode of SmackDown

Apparently, immediately after her release, several WWE executives apologised to Vega and also reportedly insisted that Vince McMahon get her back. As a token of this apology, Vega also received a new contract with which she returned to the television screens of the company, thus reappearing in the last episode of Smackdown.

According to what was reported by the well-known website PW Insider, after the release of the Vega, just like that of her husband, several insiders and several important executives, would have immediately regretted it, immediately going to look for a system to bring them back.

In the end with Zelina Vega they succeeded, after weeks of discussions between the two parties, with Vega signing a new agreement with WWE, waiting for a good proposal to come knocking on her husband's door too, which she would certainly do the fans of the WWE Universe were also very happy, who were very saddened by the release of Aleister Black.

While this may have happened in May or sometime sooner, all parties involved opted to keep her WWE status quiet so they could "strategize a return." "There are differing accounts as to when that happened. One source told me May.

Another told me it was much sooner than that but all sides opted to keep it quiet so they could strategize a return." Johnson added, "Why they waited until now, only WWE could answer but they also signed Eva Marie and had her sitting around for nine months. Vega was backstage last week but had not been at any TVs beyond that in recent months."