What is the impact of Shawn Michaels in WWE backstage?

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What is the impact of Shawn Michaels in WWE backstage?

Shawn Michaels started working backstage at WWE a few years ago, quickly becoming one of the go-to figures for NXT's young superstars. HBK was one of the most technical and successful performers of any era, even if not all colleagues appreciated his character (especially in the early stages of his career).

The former world champion is also an effective mentor who does not hesitate to share his innumerable knowledge about this business. In the course of an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda microphones, the Bollywood Boyz - that is to say, the couple formed by Gurv and Harv Sihra - discussed the support they received from Michaels at the time of their storyline with Jinder Mahal.

Shawn has in fact urged them to assert themselves at any time in the ring, even if he had been assigned a secondary role in the affair.

Shawn Michaels has taken on the role of mentor in recent years

“It was still a huge opportunity, right? I remember talking to Shawn Michaels just before we went on tour full time and he told us we were a big part of the whole Jinder Mahal thing.

I can think of his exact words: 'If you get a hit on the show, make sure it's a bump that people remember.' I think we did a great job after all. If you look at Backlash and Money in the Bank, there is no denying that we have had plenty of opportunities to show off,” said Harv Sihra.

Bollywood Boyz have won the title 24/7 on nine separate occasions during their long feud with R-Truth in 2019. “If you look at the careers of the greatest wrestlers of all ages, you will find that it is made up of many different phases between their.

You're just playing parts and playing characters, that's our job. The 24/7 title was a great chance to introduce people to our comic side too" - Harv analyzed on the sidelines of the interview. Adam Cole stated that he would like to face either Shawn Michaels or Kyle O'Reilly in Hell in a Cell.

Shawn was the winner of the first-ever Hell in a Cell match and has a good track record having won three matches in four appearances. “In a perfect world, if past, present or future doesn’t matter, me vs. Shawn Michaels is the one I would love.

If I’m picking current guys to possibly face right now, I’m going to go Kyle O’Reilly, I am", Cole said. Once best friends and now bitter enemies, Cole will face O'Reilly at The Great American Bash this Tuesday.

WWE NXT General Manager William Regal stipulated that the match will be a "straight-up wrestling match."