Huge WWE star makes fun of Bobby Lashley

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Huge WWE star makes fun of Bobby Lashley
Huge WWE star makes fun of Bobby Lashley

A new episode of Monday Night Raw will be staged tonight and through its official channels, WWE has officially changed a scheduled match. It was announced a few days ago that one of the red show's main matches would be the untitled match between WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and New Day member wrestler Xavier Woods.

The two, absent in the last episode of Raw, will return tonight and had to compete for a Singles Match, this time not Hell in A Cell Match as it happened a few weeks ago. Through its social channel, WWE has changed the Raw program and this evening the initially scheduled match will not be broadcast but there will be a Tag Team Match between The All Mighty and the returning MVP against the New Day, a couple composed of the next challenger of Lashley, or Kofi Kingston more obviously Xavier Woods.

Huge WWE star makes fun of Bobby Lashley

Recently, the WWE Champion and Xavier Woods were the protagonists of a curious social curtain, on the one hand, Bobby Lashley advertised Raw this evening, posting however the previously announced program with only his Singles Match and this thing has not escaped not only fans of the WWE Universe but also to Xavier Woods who responded by making fun of his imminent opponent.

Here are the words of the New Day member: "Bobby, I see that you don't check Twitter every day to find out what matches you have on Monday. If you see on the Internet you will find that now you have to do a Tag Team Match and then on Monday, you will be kicked in the face.

not from one of us, but from both." Bobby Lashley won his first WWE Championship title in a few months now, won the victory during an episode of Monday Night Raw by beating The Miz in a Lumberjack Match and since that day he has never given up beating anyone who had put on his walking and defending the title on several occasions against The Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre.

We saw a very different Kingston on last week's show, who seemed a lot more focused, a lot more intense, and a lot more serious. MVP brought out the best in him and this should translate into a fiery feud going into Money in the Bank this year.

One has to wonder if WWE will make Lashley look absolutely bulletproof going into the upcoming big pay-per-view, winning every single match, be it singles or tag team, or if MVP will take the pin on RAW this week?

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