Backstage details on WWE plans for Roman Reigns

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Backstage details on WWE plans for Roman Reigns

For several months now, WWE has been running storylines involving WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns engaged with his cousins Jey and Jimmy Uso. During one of his first titled adventures, the Tribal Chief defended the title by rejecting every assault and every ambition of Jey Uso, a cousin who initially could not stand him and then led him to his side.

The situation in recent weeks has seen a similar path with Jimmy Uso, who recently returned after an injury: the wrestler first did not like the attitude of the WWE Universal Champion and then after a few weeks he suddenly changed, replacing Jey and trying to help the champion.

of Friday Night Smackdown, committed to the adversities created by the Rated-R Superstar Edge.

Latest update on Roman Reigns

During the last episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, the well-known colleague Bryan Alvarez talked about the situation of Roman Reigns and the fact that in recent weeks Jimmy Uso has practically replaced his brother Jey Uso, who has temporarily disappeared from the scene, in the role.

Here are Alvarez's words about it: "The truth is that they did everything they could with Jey Uso and so to continue the storyline involving Reigns every week they decided to use his twin brother." The company has long continued to exploit the plots with the Tribal Chief and although this situation with the Usos actually seems to be 'passing' the WWE Universe is very curious to understand how the situation will change.

All these storylines with Roman currently engaged in plots with Edge in view of Money in the Bank should lead to a huge match for SummerSlam, where, according to many insiders, Roman Reigns should challenge even John Cena, the legend of the company, in a match titled who after months of absence would return to the ring again in what is recognized by many as the most intriguing and interesting possible match of the summer.

However, the news is awaited in this regard. There's little doubt about which title run has been the best for Roman Reigns. Between November 2015 and June 2016, he held the WWE Championship on three occasions - all of which were short durations.

While his third WWE title reign was meant to be a long one, a Wellness Policy Violation meant that the company had to take the title off him and suspend him for a month. Things are different in 2021. When Roman Reigns returned in 2020, it was after a hiatus of over five months.