Vince McMahon really likes a current WWE storyline

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Vince McMahon really likes a current WWE storyline
Vince McMahon really likes a current WWE storyline

In the last few weeks, we have seen on the Monday Night television screens some very particular segments, in which the protagonists were Eva Marie and her trusted ally Doudrop, who until a few weeks ago was called Piper Niven in the rings of NXT UK.

After the return to the scene of the beautiful red-haired athlete with her breathtaking physique, WWE had decided to support her with a much more capable athlete in the ring and at an athletic level, relying on the skills of Piper Niven.

With a backstage segment of the WWE red show, Eva Marie then renamed Piper to Doudrop, a nice as well as an annoying nickname, which at the moment has become the only pseudonym by which the girl is called. After having already seen a couple of matches in which Doudrop took part, it seems that this storyline can continue quietly in the future of the red show, among the best in the program.

One of the major storylines going on WWE RAW right now is that of Eva Marie and her protege Doudrop, formerly known as Piper Niven. While many in the WWE Universe aren't very impressed with the angle, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reportedly loves it.

Many in the WWE Universe aren't very impressed with the angle

Apparently, according to what was reported by Mike Johnson of PW Insider, it seems that Vince McMahon had to change his mind about the acting skills of the two girls because at the beginning he would not have bet even a dollar on the success of the story to be staged with the two.

As reported in one of his latest updates, the well-known journalist has indeed revealed: "The story that was brought back to me is that he (Vince McMahon) didn't like this idea at all, but he sent it to the stage anyway. After the first week, Piper seems to have literally bewitched him.

She loved everything, she loved the facial expressions. Obviously, I'm paraphrasing stories I've heard from multiple people. There will still be a lot of developments on this storyline, with these characters in the weeks ahead." Apparently, once again Vince McMahon is said to have been persuaded by his collaborators to do something that he did not think would work, a bit like what happened with Daniel Bryan moved to the WWE main event, which according to Vince McMahon would never have worked and instead became. one of the most important characters of recent years.

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