Will Adam Cole go to the main roster soon?

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Will Adam Cole go to the main roster soon?

Adam Cole, the former leader of the Undisputed Era stable, achieved really good results at NXT, becoming the protégé of Triple H and Shawn Michaels and proving to everyone that he really is a man who can represent the men's locker room in WWE.

After the group split, Adam focused all his energy on rivalry with former teammate and one of his closest friends in wrestling, Kyle O'Reilly, a rivalry that could end in NXT's The Great American Bash this Tuesday evening.

Obviously, however, a talent like that of Adam Cole, according to many, cannot stand still at NXT, which is still considered somewhat of a development territory, it must absolutely be employed on the main roster to do great things.

Rumors of a possible move by him had already been heard in 2020, but with these latest changes the Stamford company is making, there is a perception that finally Cole can take that step forward.

The latest news on Adam Cole's future

Speaking to TalkSPORT's Alex McCarthy, Adam Cole replied: "There is still a lot to do (at NXT).

I find it flattering that there are people who want to see Adam Cole on Raw or SmackDown, really a lot. But then there's another group that's like, I don't want them to stay at NXT. Now the possibilities of things to do in all three brands seem endless to me.

It is very exciting across the board. […] I would like to win the NXT title back. I'd like to challenge Samoa Joe. I'd love to have the chance to take on Isiah 'Swerve' Scott. There are so many possibilities in the brand ”.

Then he adds that on the main roster there are a few talents he hasn't had the chance to challenge yet and he would like to do that too, the idea intrigues him a lot, but he also says: "But there are definitely many things still to be done.

for me at NXT" He also concludes by adding that obviously he is eager to move to the main roster and have that kind of experience, but that he is in no hurry and has no claim to a possible call and ends the speech by saying: "I'm definitely proud to be at NXT."

Adam Cole has been a part of NXT since his debut in 2017. He reigned supreme over NXT as the leader of the Undisputed Era alongside Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong. Once best friends and now bitter enemies, Cole will face O'Reilly at The Great American Bash this Tuesday. NXT General Manager William Regal stipulated that the match will be a "straight-up wrestling match."