WWE Hall of Famer would like to challenge Charlotte Flair

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WWE Hall of Famer would like to challenge Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is one of the most loved athletes and at the same time you hate that there are inside the WWE, for various reasons, the first of all obviously is the booking that the Stamford company offers to fans regarding the queen.

However, she is often a very respected person and athlete, especially by her colleagues, who love to work with her in the ring and in general in the storylines because by now she has developed the right experience to be able to do a bit of guidance.

There is no doubt that Charlotte Flair is the dream match of many wrestlers around the world, in fact, her name often comes up during interviews, with other women from the past, present and future who want to challenge her.

But the amazing thing is that even male wrestlers seem to want to face it in a 1 vs 1 match and this is not for everyone, it must absolutely be taken as a compliment and a sign of respect, in a sport where intergender matches are needed.

to the growth of individual athletes.

Kurt Angle pays tribute to Charlotte Flair

During an episode of The Kurt Angle Show on AdFreeShows.com, Kurt Angle was watching an old episode of SmackDown commenting on his possible participation in an intergender match.

The Olympic hero said he would have no problem losing to a woman in WWE, obviously based on the identity of the wrestler who could potentially find herself upfront in the ring. “Would I send a woman over if I had to? Yes.

I would. Especially someone like Chyna or, you know, Charlotte Flair too. She's been so successful, you know, you can turn her against any man now, today. I'd do this for her [overshoot her, then lose]”. It would be absolutely not bad to see Charlotte compete in an intergender match because they are matches that do not take anything away from anyone, on the contrary, they give many learning opportunities and she is one who could gain a lot from doing it, like others in the past.

During the WatchAlong special of his podcast, Kurt Angle also had high praise for Jackie (Jacqueline), who beat Crash Holly in a singles match on the SmackDown episode of July 5th, 2001. Kurt Angle said Jacqueline was the first female wrestler to adopt the style of her male counterparts.

Jackie was ahead of her time as women were often treated as mere s*x objects back then, but she was a legitimate badass who influenced a generation of wrestlers that followed her path.