Former WWE star was supposed to beat The Undertaker

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Former WWE star was supposed to beat The Undertaker

Ahmed Johnson signed with WWE in 1995 and remained in the Stamford federation service for three long years. During that time, he had the chance to compete against some of the biggest stars the federation has ever had by also winning the Intercontinental title.

When he was at the top of his career, it was rumored that company boss Vince McMahon was planning to make him win the WWF World Championship against The Undertaker. In a recent interview with 'Lucha Libre Online', Ahmed explained that he never took home the world title because those plans were canceled.

The Undertaker's debut was more than just iconic

“I was about to win the title, everything was ready for my final explosion. Then I got injured and everything changed” - said Johnson. "The rumor that I should have won the title against The Undertaker was true.

Unfortunately, things didn't go well, I learned to accept it over the years” - he added. Ahmed, who left WWE in 1998, also talked about the reasons that led to his departure. "There was a family problem that required my attention at the time, as well as a series of behind-the-scenes misunderstandings that led to the separation.

I started noticing a lot of racism backstage and I felt the need to get away from that environment," he explained. Earlier this year, Bruce Prichard revealed that there were big plans for Johnson in WWE. “Ahmed was one of those guys who were shortlisted to become WWE Champion.

He had never been promised anything, but the management had their sights set on him. That athlete had an uncommon charisma, it seemed that he could kill you when he got into the ring. His physical qualities were fantastic, but he wasn't entirely aware of his strength.

It must be admitted that he was not the greatest worker in the world, just to put it mildly”. Over the course of his career, The Undertaker would win seven World Championships and seven Tag Team Championships along with one reign as the Hardcore Champion.

Despite not being in "grand slam champion" territory, The Undertaker was considered to be a larger-than-life superstar who didn't need titles to feel important. This is similar to Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, a legend who The Undertaker crossed paths with early in his career.

The big difference, however, is that The Undertaker had 15 championships in WWE compared to Roberts' zero. Even during his debut at Survivor Series 1990, The Undertaker's incredible height was the first thing that fans and commentators alike noticed.