WWE suddenly changed a storyline involving John Cena

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WWE suddenly changed a storyline involving John Cena

Despite having significantly moved away from the scene, John Cena remains undoubtedly one of the symbols of the WWE around the world. In addition to being the main face of the company for almost 15 years, the 16-time world champion created numerous thrilling storylines that have remained in the collective imagination.

Many will remember his feud with three-time US champion Rusev. The Bulgarian, now known as Miro in All Elite Wrestling, remained undefeated throughout his first year in WWE, before the 'Cenation' leader defeated him at WrestleMania 31.

A guest on the latest edition of 'Talk is Jericho', former WWE star Lana talked about how Rusev would have to face Cena much sooner than he did.

John Cena last won the World Title at Royal Rumble 2017

“We were supposed to work with John Cena about three months after Rusev's debut, that was the initial plan.

Thank God it didn't happen, because the match would have ended with Rusev's defeat. Thanks to this change, he remained undefeated for a year and my character was also facilitated” - explained Lana. In recent weeks, there is nothing but talk of the possible return of John Cena and a feud with Roman Reigns.

Samoa Joe, who recently made his return to NXT, has also spoken on the subject. “I know John has publicly expressed his desire to return to the ring, but the situation is far more complicated. It depends on how busy he is, on his contracts and a lot of other factors.

Relying on him at this stage is always a risk”. The Boston star hasn't had an official match since the 2020 edition of WrestleMania when he was engaged in a controversial dispute with 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt that generated several controversies.

Cena is currently involved in the promotion of the film 'Fast 9', waiting to understand more about his future. Even though Cena is a meticulous, dedicated man, it is borderline impossible for him to fulfill his responsibilities as a celebrity and also as a wrestler.

He also clearly explained why he couldn't do both simultaneously as the directors and producers weren't comfortable with him being potentially injured. Even when John Cena does return to WWE for a program, he isn't regular.

For example, in the lead-up to his WrestleMania 36 match with The Fiend, Cena missed a handful of shows. There have also been numerous instances where the Champ was initially advertised but then had to pull out due to his busy schedule, as was the case with his absence at the 2019 Royal Rumble pay-per-view.