*Spoiler* Ricochet and John Morrison create a beautiful show

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*Spoiler* Ricochet and John Morrison create a beautiful show

The episode of Raw begins with The Miz and John Morrison opening The MizTv with The Miz talking about his successes at Money in the Bank and introducing Morrison as the next winner of the event. Their guest of honor on Monday is Drew McIntyre who remembers how the briefcase was fundamental during his reign as a champion (The Miz used it to take them away from the title).

The former champion claims to be related to Davey Crockett and started with a story by stating that he will destroy John Morrison and The Miz must not allow himself to interfere. Ricochet also enters and The Miz teases him for his movements and while the wrestler defends himself Matt Riddle enters with his bandaged foot.

Riddle explains his condition and says he will dedicate his performance in Money in the Bank to friend Randy Orton. The Miz yells at him as AJ Styles and Omos make their entrance with the former complaining and stating that it had to be a Singles Match between him and Drew McIntyre to decree the participant and Riddle was not to participate as Orton's replacement.

Then the two attack Riddle and try to hit him on the injured ankle, a fight begins between all the participants with Drew McIntyre trying to help Riddle. It goes into advertising. After a summary of what happened, we see the first match of the day.

The Miz and John Morrison opened WWE RAW this week

FIRST MATCH OF THE EVENING JOHN MORRISON VS RICOCHET Ricochet starts well, pushing Morrison to the corner, Stinger Splash and working on the wrestler's knee with Morrison trying to react and repeatedly hitting the opponent.

Several wrestler chops and a hard-fought match, Morrison seems to be doing better and tries to distract the referee by taking advantage of any dubious situation, the two leave the ring while The Miz tries to interfere. The match is decided with both wrestlers falling out of the ring, Morrison returns while The Miz blocks Ricochet's return and Morrison wins by Count-Out.

We go backstage where Jinder Mahal is interviewed. The wrestler talks about his friendship with Drew McIntyre and the fact that lately, the Scotsman has ignored him by replying to his messages after three days and ignoring him covertly.

He's always been better than Drew and he's going to prove it to him on Monday. The action picked up soon after and Morrison hit a great standing Spanish fly to keep control of the match. The fight spilled over to the floor once again, and The Miz helped keep Ricochet out for long enough for JoMo to score a win by count-out.

The initial segment wasn't too great but helped WWE book a couple of matches for the night. The match that followed was pure class once again as Ricochet and Morrison got a chance to show off their skills.