*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal will get into an extended rivalry

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*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal will get into an extended rivalry

Meanwhile, Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler and Reginald are in the backstage, the latter is afraid because he sees Alexa Bliss in the dark and while the other two do not believe it we see that Alexa really observes everything in the deep darkness.

While there is a recap of the feud between Bobby Lashley and Kofi Kingston we see that in the Gorilla Zone there are Naomi, Nikki and Asia discussing who will win at Money in the Bank, Alexa arrives and says that she will win and the others go.

away in silence. ALEXA BLISS, NIKKI CROSS, ASUKA AND NAOMI VS DOUDROP, EVA MARIE, NIA JAX AND SHAYNA BASZLER Naomi and Doudrop start immediately Eva Marie takes the tag and tries to send Naomi to the corner, new tag for Doudrop but Naomi sends her to the ground and also sends out Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, after the commercial we see again Eva Marie and Doudrop protagonists, in the ring with the Cross that gives the Tag to Asuka who unleashed attacks the opponents.

Meanwhile, Alexa hypnotizes Reginald and Shayna tries to stop her, in the ring Asuka fights with her opponents and gives the Tag to Naomi. Nikki attacks and makes a Roll-Up on Shayna who is no longer the 'legal' wrestler, Nia Jax takes advantage of it and with a Crossbody and a Samoan Drop gets the victory.

At the end of the race, we see Eva Marie returning and intervening again claiming the great victory. Full match program MVP and Bobby Lashley are interviewed and MVP says he changed the starting match to a Tag Team Match because Xavier Woods didn't deserve to be in the ring alone with the champion.

They are going to hurt the New Day, they are the Hurt Business. MUSTAFA ALI VS MANSOOR Mansoor starts well and tries to push and attack Ali and yells in his face telling him to get up. Whip on the corner and Manhattan Drop seasoned with a Spinebuster but surprisingly using a ruse and with a Roll-Up, it is Ali who wins the match.

After the match, Ali warns his opponent and tells him that he must think with his mind and stop thinking with his heart. Meanwhile, Drew McIntyre is being interviewed and while he talks about his sword and the Loch Ness monster he accepts the challenge of Jinder Mahal.


Jinder Mahal used dirty tactics to remain in the match

Jinder Mahal immediately tries to take advantage with kicks and punches on the corner, after the commercial we see a Reverse Chinlock of Mahal with Drew struggling to free himself.

At the end of the match, Jinder Mahal and his followers attack Drew McIntyre and ends him with Khallas. Finally, Mahal says that he will go and steal Drew's sword. After a short New Day interview we are ready for another match.

MACE & T-BAR VS LUCHA HOUSE PARTY (Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado) Dorado and T-Bar start, Lince uses speed and takes the lead like a good luchador, Made intervenes and T-Har is back in the ring too. Mace is now the legal wrestler who knocks out Lince and gives the Tag to T-Bar but Metalik takes advantage of the situation and hits T-Bar, while Metalik intervenes and pulls Mace out of the ring and Lince Dorado closes and fins T-Bar.

After a recap of what happened in the opening we see Priest stop Riddle backstage and ask him how he is, Matt confirms that he fell from above and that he could have hurt his foot, Damien recommends him to be careful in sight of Money. in the Bank.