*Spoiler* Riddle further aggravated his foot injury

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*Spoiler* Riddle further aggravated his foot injury

AJ STYLES VS MATT RIDDLE Good start by AJ Styles who kicks and works the injured leg of the opponent, Riddle manages to make him fall with a bridge, Matt staggers but hits AJ and the second kick is Omos to intervene stealthily, after the commercial he continues his maneuver Matt but AJ knocks him over and hits the injured ankle.

Riddle is half injured but still tries a Moonsault landing on the opponent, Omos wants to intervene but the Viking Raiders distract him, Riddle closes and wins with a Schoolboy PIN. Appearing from backstage and entering the ring Charlotte Flair on crutches and comparing her injury to the NBA Playoffs which are full of star injuries, Rhea Ripley is scared and uses every ploy to win according to her daughter of art.

Rhea Ripley enters the apron ring and limps conspicuously with a crutch. He is clearly a taunt at the opponent and Rhea says she is doing what Charlotte would have done but for her, The Queen is pretending. In reality, it is and the two begin to hit each other with crutches, Rhea loses her but manages to get her back forcing Charlotte to escape.

Upon returning from advertising we talk about what could happen to Raw Talk in the post evening and we see yet another curtain with Akira Tozawa and R-Truth.

The match was good and gave Riddle another chance to shine

It looks like the RAW creative team has a lot of faith in the superstar as he has managed to pick up some huge victories over the past year.

Riddle will likely end up getting a big push following his partnership with Randy Orton. CEDRIC ALEXANDER AND ELIAS VS R-TRUTH AND JAXSON RYKER Cedric starts against Ryker and seeing the stop of R-Truth we talk about a handicap match but Elias also leaves and Ryker wins thanks to a Bossman Slam on Alexander.

It is announced that next week there will be a title defense of Omos and AJ Styles against the Viking Raiders. Ready for the Main Event HURT BUSINESS VS NEW DAY We have reached the Main Event, MVP and Xavier Woods start with MVP who manages to yank and punch the adversary sending him to the ground, despite the ailments Woods reacts and after a couple of of hits gives the Tag to Kofi who also tries the PIN, after the publicity Lashley is now the legal man who works on Kofi but MVP takes the Tag and with a couple of errors puts his opponents back into play, a great clothesline of MVP but stops at 2 the account and Woods interrupts the next count of MVP who tries to hit the opponent but suffers the Trouble in Paradise of Kofi Kingston who thus wins the victory.