*Spoiler* Jimmy Uso was arrested for DUI

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*Spoiler* Jimmy Uso was arrested for DUI
*Spoiler* Jimmy Uso was arrested for DUI

Recently, we reported the news concerning the umpteenth arrest by the American police, of Jimmy Uso, Jey's twin, who was surprised once again, driving his car in an evident state of alteration due to alcohol. After several similar problems, Jimmy Uso had already been arrested several times, in some cases also for arguing and putting on a show with his wife Naomi, just before being arrested.

After a few hours of interrogation and detention in the offices of the US police, Jimmy was released on bail, but he will most likely have to appear again in front of a judge, to answer the charges leveled against him, as happened with Jeff Hardy in recent years.

The two are in fact not new to judicial and criminal troubles, with both having been caught multiple times driving their own cars, in a state where they obviously couldn't drive safely.

Jimmy Uso's just been arrested for yet another DUI

Needless to say, an arrest obviously arrived in the worst way, for causes still linked to the consumption of alcohol and therefore to poor behavior for a WWE Superstar, would have sent Vince McMahon and the entire management of the Stamford company on all matters.

furies, especially because at the moment Jimmy Uso is included in one of the most important storylines of the whole company, the one with his cousin Roman Reigns. After giving him numerous chances, several WWE bigwigs would have grown tired of the athlete's childish and dangerous behavior, with the constant suspensions and continuous arrests that seem not to have been enough for Jimmy.

At the moment, however, no serious measures have been taken by the management, but several internal sources expect that something will happen in the next few hours or in the next days. At the time the Usos twins were slated for a tag team champion run on the blue roster soon, but after yet another stoppage, it would be no wonder if plans were to change completely opposite to the booking team's initial ideas.

Uso was previously arrested for a DUI in Florida in 2019, but he was found not guilty by a jury. There was also another incident earlier in 2019 during which he allegedly squared up with police officers. It remains to be seen how this latest arrest will affect Jimmy Uso or the ongoing storyline with Roman Reigns.

Uso reportedly failed these tests and was arrested and taken to the station where he returned BAC breath test results of 0.202 and 0.205 — considerably above Florida's legal limit of 0.08.

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