Why did WWE change its stages?

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Why did WWE change its stages?

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of WWE changing its two main stages of the weekly TV shows, namely Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, introducing a new type of full stage. This change should become effective with the return on the road of the company, which will take place from July 16, with the episode of the same evening of Smackdown that will be broadcast in front of a real audience, for the first time since beyond a year of a devastating global pandemic that also affected the wrestling world.

Apparently, behind the desire to change the stages of Raw and Smackdown, there is said to be a more than valid reason and in the last few hours it would have been a very famous journalist, who in recent months has managed to find very important news and rumors, before all, about the WWE, turned out to be always truthful.

WWE would like to change its stages shortly

In his latest online speech, well-known journalist Andrew Zarian, the one who first reported the news that Summerslam would take place on Saturday and in Las Vegas, several weeks before the official announcement, wanted to confidently state why WWE would like to change its internships shortly, saying: "A while ago I asked someone in WWE and their production why the sets were all LCD screens.

I was told that it was for the WWE television HD product. These sets get really messed up with travel and eventually end up being crap in a short time. It is much easier to maintain an LCD panel." In practice, behind the WWE's desire to replace its sets, there seems to be a technical problem of wear and maintenance of the screens that transmit the images.

At the moment, the new stages that we will have shortly in Raw and Smackdown have not yet been revealed, but it takes very little for the WWE's return to the road, which will see numerous surprises, such as the abandonment of the ThunderDome, the return of several important athletes.

and then also this great change of stage. Speaking to James Romero of Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Chioda said Truth was at fault for the title change. He also revealed that WWE’s Chairman “loved” the surprise outcome.

“Vince loved it,” Chioda said. “R-Truth tells me the wrong f***ing finish. ‘You said you were only getting schoolboyed once!’. And he was like, ‘Oh, my bad, dawg, I’m sorry, man.’ He had the US title or something, a 24-hour title… US title, I think.

So it was kind of funny. I thought I was gonna get a bunch of heat coming back and Vince was like, ‘That was phenomenal, I loved it!’. I’m like, ‘What? Okay, great.’”