Bayley Speaks About The Recent WWE Releases

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Bayley Speaks About The Recent WWE Releases

Bayley is a popular WWE superstar and she recently spoke about the recent WWE releases. Bayley has won many titles during her WWE career, and she is one of WWE’s top female stars. However, after the recent releases, it seems that WWE is willing to let go of its most popular stars as well.

Even the extremely popular Braun Strowman got released recently. Bayley spoke about her concerns with Metro UK.

Bayley Is Concerned About The Recent WWE Releases

“For me, the past few have been really hard because most of them are really good friends and so talented,” Bayley said.

“And I’m just like what?!’. It’s really hard not to see certain ones in our locker room and share travelling the road together”. Bayley also revealed that she had no idea about why the talents were released, as they were not doing anything particularly wrong.

She hopes that the former stars have a bright future and they achieve everything that they want to achieve outside of the company. “I know that everything happens for a reason in life, and whatever that may be, we’ll found out later,” Bayley said.

“But I know they’re gonna be successful. I just can’t wait to see them all do their thing, wherever that may be”. Bayley’s friend, Tyler Breeze was one of the unfortunate stars that was also released recently.

That part really hit her badly. According to Bayley, Breeze did a lot to help her during her WWE career. “For one, he gives you his time. It wasn’t just me, he was helping Eva Marie at the time, he was helping so many girls that just wanted more.

He helped Sasha so much," Bayley said of their extra training sessions to complement their regular classes. Everybody was learning the same exact things and we wanted more. So, we would ask Breeze if he could watch our matches.

Whether or not we knew what we needed to get better at, he did. For me, it was trying to get sympathy from the fans and learning how to sell a body part, certain things. I’ve been to his school and I’ve seen all his students, how much fun they have learned from him and the consistent students he has coming in.

That just goes to show that he’s doing something right. He’s such a good guy, he’s hilarious, he’s passionate and he’s such a hard worker. We’d all work together and he really pushed me. I owe so much to him”.