Chris Adonis Speaks About Incident Involving a WWE Veteran

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Chris Adonis Speaks About Incident Involving a WWE Veteran

Chris Adonis, fka Chris Masters, is a former WWE wrestler and he recently spoke about a backstage incident that involved a WWE Veteran. That veteran was none other than the famous Hardcore wrestler, Hardcore Holly. Even though Holly is not remembered as one of the best wrestlers of all time, he was still quite well-known for performing in hardcore matches.

Chris shared his story with Metro Uk. He joined WWE in 2003. He started his career at OVW, in the developmental territory. According to him, Holly had a very bad impression of him right from the star. Holly was also known as a bully and he began training in 2003 for a WWE return.

Holly was sidelined before that after suffering a broken neck. Holly felt disrespected by Chris once when the OVW crew visited Smackdown.

Chris Adonis on Having a Backstage fight with Hardcore Holly

“Bob Holly just had a bad impression of me from the start, and that’s a whole other story,” Adonis said.

“But I ended up missing my first TV taping in Ohio Valley Wrestling, and Bob Holly happened to be there. So, he knew that I’d missed it – again, that’s a whole other story, but he already had a bad impression of me.

So, I go with the OVW crew to visit SmackDown so they can see the talent before the show and whatnot. “I’m making way round backstage, I greeted mostly everyone I’ve come in contact with. But I walk through the locker room and I’m just walking straight to my bag and I don’t see out of the corner of my eye, but Bob Holly’s there and he’s having a conversation with a couple of other vets.

I went straight to my bag, and Bob already had a bad taste in his mouth about me but he took that like I was shunning him or not showing him respect. When really, I wouldn’t say it was that at all”. Chris believes he understands why Holly did what he did at that time.

However, Chris insisted that he didn’t mean to disrespect Holly. Holly was supposed to wrestle Carlito that night, but he wanted to fight Chris instead. “He got really angry, man,” Chris Adonis recalled. “He’s cutting promos on me.

He was trying to get that [match] switched to me, essentially so he could rough me up, probably chop the s**t out of me and all of that”.