Vince Russo explains why he never wanted to return to WWE

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Vince Russo explains why he never wanted to return to WWE

Former member of the Raw and WWE creative team Vince Russo now collaborates daily with colleagues from Sportkeeda Wrestling. Russo left the company in 1999 to work with WCW, then after three years he returned to the company but saw that there was no point in returning permanently with Vince McMahon's company.

Speaking as a guest on the podcast Such Good Shoot Vince Russo spoke about his experience and thus told the story of him.

The words of Vince Russo on the WWE

Vince Russo made interesting statements and clarified: "Guys, I was one step away from going back in the company.

I left in October 1999, almost back in 2002 and I remember that they take me back to the writers' room of the creative team. What I saw was absurd, in three years there had been from two to twenty people working in three years and I was totally shocked."

Vince Russo continued and commented on how WWE has changed the creative process over the years. Here are his words: "I can say with certainty that everyone was getting in the way of each other. And this is in charge of Smackdown, then there was the manager of Monday Night Raw and finally, there was Stephanie who had to go to Vince and his brother.

The company structure was really a mess and knowing myself I was aware that I could never be successful in such a structure, a totally revolutionized structure only three years after my farewell." Vince Russo has been criticizing WWE's attitude for some time, especially as regards the behavior of the show's creative team.

An example occurred during the last episode of Raw with Vince Russo criticizing the behavior of the New Day in the Main Event with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods engaged in dancing only two weeks after everything that had happened with Bobby Lashley and MVP who they had totally destroyed them in Raw.

Vince Russo was recently a guest on the Such Good Shoot Podcast to discuss his WWE career. When Russo was asked when WWE would have episodes of RAW written back in the day, he confirmed that shows were finished on Fridays, and nothing was ever torn up back then.

"By Friday morning, that show's done," Vince Russo stated. "Bro, You know we you know we're doing on Friday? This was our Friday. We're contacting talent, 'Rock, I'm sending you the show. This is what you're doing.

Austin, this is what you're doing.' We're contacting talent on Friday already telling them what they're doing on Monday. Now think about this, bro. Now Austin has that script on Friday. Now he's on the plane.

He's looking at this; he's thinking about it...think about that, bro. You're giving them like two, three days for that script to sink in."