Eva Marie opens up on a potential storyline with Becky Lynch

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Eva Marie opens up on a potential storyline with Becky Lynch

In recent weeks, one of the protagonists of the WWE women's sector was undoubtedly Eva Marie, a beautiful athlete with a breathtaking physique who returned to the WWE rings only a few weeks ago, after a period of absence of a few years from the number one ring par excellence.

in the world. After a brief period spent in front of the cameras of his Hollywood films, with the beautiful Eva who also shared the big screen with none other than Bruce Willis, the athlete has seen fit to return to the pro-wrestling rings, with the WWE who put her back under contract at the beginning of the year, but who then had her redeemed only months later.

As a record-breaking RAW Women's Champion, Becky Lynch has made a huge impact on the modern WWE landscape. Although she hasn't wrestled on television for more than a year, reports indicate that Lynch will return to the company soon.

Eva Marie opens up on a potential storyline with Becky Lynch

In her latest interview with the Bleacher Report, Eva Marie talked about her last stint in WWE before the release, but also about her future plans, mentioning two great athletes as her possible opponents in the near future and saying: "The girls are great.

Am I able to jump into a storyline with Bayley again? On the run, or you know what, even with Becky Lynch. I was in a storyline with her before I left everything to Smackdown, so maybe it would be great to start from there."

If you remember well, the WWE had already planned a match between Eva Marie and Becky Lynch in the now distant August 2016, but due to a "malfunction" of the wardrobe of the beautiful redhead of the McMahon company, this contest was never put on stage.

On that occasion, there was a storyline well predetermined by the WWE, which eventually went to the air, abandoned completely in the bud by the federation, as has already happened several times in the course of its history.

We'll see if in the coming weeks WWE will build something a little more full-bodied with the beautiful Eva, who is now performing alongside Doudrop, the former Piper Niven of NXT UK, in another very particular storyline, which it serves the WWE to hide all the gaps still present for the girl when it comes to in-ring performance.

Becky Lynch and Eva Marie were supposed to fight each other back on the August 9th, 2016, edition of SmackDown. However, Marie's "wardrobe malfunction" angle prevented the match from happening. It was one of her last televised WWE appearances before she returned to RAW in 2021.

Marie has also faced Bayley in singles competition on NXT television tapings and house shows, with the latter emerging victoriously on every occasion.