Vince Russo has an idea to enhance Big E's talent

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Vince Russo has an idea to enhance Big E's talent

Big E has never had the chance to fully show his talent, and has often relegated to the role of shoulder despite the WWE Universe has repeatedly pushed for his push. Former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo used Mick Foley's WWE Championship win as an example to show that Big E has what it takes to become a main event star.

During the latest edition of 'Writing With Russo' on Sportskeeda, the latter illustrated how the New Day member should be threatened with the prospect of a release. This could lead him to commit evil acts in order to keep his job.

Vince Russo on Big E

"A very important aspect for any superstar is the momentum it receives" - began Vince Russo. "The anticipation continues to grow week after week, he is doing his best to show off, but no one really thinks WWE is going to make him a champion.

That's the problem, the fact that people don't really believe it. For this you need a very strong momentum in real-time” - he added. Russo argues that John Laurinaitis should return to performing as an authority figure in front of television screens.

“The threat of his release might be a good idea, thanks also to the presence of a man like John on stage. Laurinaitis should say every week: 'Brother, this is the last time you will set foot here.' There are so many elements that could be exploited in this story" - he commented.

Currently, Big E is preparing to compete in the eight-man 'Money in the Bank ladder match' staged on July 18th. He qualified for the event thanks to his success against Intercontinental champion Apollo Crews in a recent episode of SmackDown.

Over the past few months, the Stamford-based federation has received numerous criticisms for the direction the storylines of both shows have taken. Here's what Big E had to say about the prospect of facing The New Day at WrestleMania: "Nice try… It ain’t happening!

We got a word for people like you. I thought you would know by now! You are a Wedge Driver! You’re trying to drive a wedge between me and my brothers. Why would I want to do that? I wouldn’t go up to you and say, “Hey, who would you like to have a match with, your mom or your sister? Who do you wanna beat up?” You know what I mean? People you love?! I would never say that because I respect you! I just want you to respect me!"