New trademarks for two WWE superstars

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New trademarks for two WWE superstars

Almost every day in the world of wrestling, brands are registered, which for companies or people are a guarantee so that they can exploit them to their liking obviously taking advantage of the situation. For example, only in 2021, the WWE registered various trademarks: we had that of InDex, very particular because it is the name of a potential couple at NXT.

Another is the Asher Hale brand which had created some doubts at the time the news came out. More recently, as far as the Raw roster is concerned, the McMahon company had registered the trademark on "Doudrop" which we now know is linked to the former Piper Niven of NXT UK, who is supporting Eva Marie in the new adventure in WWE.

In addition, trademarks have been registered on some phrases used by athletes, such as "Nobody's Bit * h" by Jimmy Uso, or a phrase that has yet to be used by someone "There’s Never A Bad Time To Have A Good Time"

New trademarks for two WWE superstars

As for the WWE, the company has decided to register three brands on Nikki Cross, who in the last two episodes of Raw has given some indication of possible names. The brands are: NIKKIASH, NIKKI ASHE and NIKKI AASH.

It is rumored that it was even made for the possible passage in the main roster of Karrion Kross, which even if spelled differently, has the same pronunciation as Cross, so the company would like to avoid any misunderstandings.

The WWE is very attentive to these things. Similarly, Ruby Riott, now known as Ruby Soho on social media, has registered the trademark "The Runaway" Could it be a new name for her? Or maybe the name of her project in wrestling? We'll see.

Nikki Cross has been rechristened as the lively superhero Nikki A.S.H. on RAW, and the new creative direction has predictably received polarizing reactions from the fanbase. While Nikki Cross will have to battle a few critics to get her new act over, it's heartening to learn that the former Sanity member has the unconditional support of her husband, Killian Dain.