Drew McIntyre discusses the Money in the Bank ladder match

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Drew McIntyre discusses the Money in the Bank ladder match

In the last year and a half, the former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has been the main protagonist of Raw and one of the main protagonists of Vince McMahon's company, managing to drag it even in a difficult period like that of the pandemic with forced shows in the Performance Centers and without the presence of the public in the stands with these who will return only in the coming weeks officially.

Last month Drew McIntyre lost the WWE Championship match at Hell in A Cell to Bobby Lashley and therefore will no longer be able to challenge The All Mighty for the title. Now The Scottish Psychopath has qualified for the Ladder Match at Money in the Bank where he will try to grab the briefcase in a big match.

Speaking to the microphones of the WWE The Bump program, the former WWE Champion talked about his experiences at Money in the Bank.

Drew McIntyre on the Money in the Bank ladder match

Returning to his Ladder Match experiences Drew McIntyre recalled his first Wrestlemania and a Ladder Match of nearly 80,000 fans.

In particular, Drew recalled two episodes of that extraordinary evening for wrestling fans: "Shelton Benjamin took the ladder and looked into my eyes, threw the ladder at me and I was hit in the forearms, I did everything to repair myself quickly, but it was the most incredible pain of my life.

My arms went black for weeks, then finally I was on top and was pushed off by Matt Hardy, I felt like a gazelle and fell quickly and violently to the ground. I remember that night I said over 55 bad words." Also, Drew McIntyre recalled his second Ladder Match and passed out in a fight with Kofi Kingston.

The Scottish Psychopath put it like this: "I remember in a Money in the Bank then, my second one, Kofi jumped down from ladder to ladder and I fainted, I remember when I woke up I thought why there are so many people in the bedroom.

It was a strange situation." Drew McIntyre was unable to beat Lashley for the WWE title at Hell in a Cell last month and won't be allowed to challenge the title again as per the match's stipulation. Drew McIntyre then recalled his second ladder match where he was knocked unconscious by Kofi Kingston.

"My next Money in the Bank match, Kofi jumped off a ladder doing his boom drop through a table and knocked me unconscious and I remember waking up and literally thinking, Why are there so many people in my bedroom? No, wait! I am in a ladder match right now, Oh wait I am in Money in the Bank right now"