Drew McIntyre recalls a bad moment during a match

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Drew McIntyre recalls a bad moment during a match

One of the funniest and most acclaimed stipulations by WWE Universe fans in recent years is undoubtedly the Money in the Bank Ladder match, which is nothing more than a ladder match between eight or more participants, where WWE athletes have up for grabs one of the occasions of life and that is to be able to go and collect an opportunity for any world title, at any time of the year.

The thing that made this stipulation great, in fact, in addition to the match itself, is the subsequent income that the winning wrestler of the Ladder match has available during the calendar year after the contest. Over the last few years, we have seen some truly amazing takings, like that of Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania, in the main event between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, or that crackling this year, where The Miz had gone to cash on the champion charges, Drew McIntyre, after having stolen the briefcase from Otis, through legal means.

In the latest episode of WWE The Bump, a secondary broadcast of the Stamford company, where multiple Superstars of the company are interviewed every week, this time the former WWE Champion, still in a feud with Bobby Lashley, who will take part in MITB was also invited again this year.

Drew McIntyre lost his WWE championship rematch with Lashley

To the microphones of the company, the Scotsman wanted to reveal: "My next match was a Money in the Bank match, I still remember that Kofi jumped off the ladder doing his boom drop on me, that I was lying on a table and he hit me so hard it knocked me out and I remember myself raised up, literally thinking 'Why are there so many people in my bedroom? No wait!

I'm in a ladder match now, Oh wait I'm in the Money in the Bank now, right”. For a few split seconds, Drew McIntyre lost consciousness, unable to figure out where he was, after regaining consciousness. Unfortunately, many times it happens to wrestlers to be hit so hard in the head, that they lose consciousness or even suffer concussions, as happened with Undertaker in the Wrestlemania 30 match, where he ended his streak at the hands of Brock lesnar and from which the gravedigger came out really battered.

Drew McIntyre lost his WWE championship rematch with Lashley last month at Hell in a Cell, having the stipulation that if McIntyre loses, he won't be allowed to challenge Lashley for the title again. Riddle later pulled off an upset win over McIntyre to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match.

But this week on Raw, Drew McIntyre managed to defeat Matt Riddle and AJ Styles in a "last chance" triple threat match to secure the last RAW spot in the ladder match. The Scottish Psychopath will be desperate to win the ladder match to have a crack at a World Championship again.