WWE called Murphy offering to extend his non-compete clause

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WWE called Murphy offering to extend his non-compete clause

Over the past two years, WWE has been releasing several of its prominent athletes from the company's main rosters, including them in some major cuts that have largely characterized the McMahon family's management of the federation in 2020-2021.

Among the latest released by the company, Aleister Black and Murphy have also been included, two athletes who for over a year have been at the center of the attention of WWE bookers, complete with top storylines for them and then from day to day they were dumped like a garbage bag by the management, getting well served and then fired.

In the latest episode of AEW's Dynamite, however, Aleister Black clamorously surprised all pro-wrestling fans in the world, appearing live in the Khan family's rings, in a context in which no one would have ever bet to see him in so little.

time, given the non-competition clause in WWE Superstar contracts.

WWE called Murphy offering to extend his non-compete clause

Apparently, as we'd previously reported, WWE seemed to have forgotten to include the 90-day non-competition clause in Black's contract, and this helped him make a quick move from NXT to AEW.

Immediately after seeing him at Dynamite, several prominent WWE executives panicked, going to check out the new Malakai Black's contract and seeing the glaring mistake made with him. Immediately upon seeing that error, WWE went through all the contracts of its latest releases.

The Fightful Select podcast also stated: "They also called Murphy and he confirmed that his non-competition clause is 90 days, but WWE still called him in a panic after his release, thinking that he too might have a 30-day one, after what it happened to the ex Aleister Black"

This explains the mystery behind Black's participation in the AEW rings much earlier than usual, with several NXT athletes who could thus appear somewhere in the coming weeks, after their releases with the WWE. Buddy Murphy thinks they got him confused with Aleister Black, which makes sense since Black did, in fact, have a 30-day non-compete contract that allowed him to debut on AEW Dynamite last night.

"I think they panicked and obviously they got the name mixed up," Buddy Murphy continued. "It was someone, but it wasn't me. Maybe Buddy and Aleister got mixed up. Buddy or Black, they are both B's. They called me, not me.

You hear all the things like the trash bag thing and I'm a pretty open-minded person and don't get affected by it. I try and see both sides of the story. I don't think there was any malice behind the garbage bag, but it's not a good look, I get it.

Do I believe there was actual malice to upset (talent)? No, I don't. Definitely, a sh**** thing to do once you've been released and your life is being changed."