Will John Cena also miss SummerSlam this year?

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Will John Cena also miss SummerSlam this year?

In recent months, there has been a return to talk about John Cena and his possible return to the scene with the WWE, with the leader of the Chain Gang who has now been missing from the television screens of the McMahon family-owned federation for over a year.

After doing his last few labors in the Wrestlemania 36 ring, in the first Firefly Fun House match in the company's history, John would be completely dedicated to his Hollywood commitments, leaving pro-wrestling in the corner for over 365 days.

With the return of WWE on the road and the return of the live audience, many would have sworn that John Cena would return permanently to the McMahon rings, at least in conjunction with the most anticipated event of the summer, which for fans and insiders of the company it is SummerSlam.

Latest update on John Cena's future

According to reports from various sources online, including the well-known Variety newspaper, John Cena could soon be announced in the cast of the film "Argylle", along with the rest of the group of actors that boasts illustrious names such as those of Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas Howard, Bryan Cranston, Cathrine O'Hara and Samuel L Jackson.

According to the well-known overseas newspaper, the shooting of this film will begin next month in Europe and if John Cena were to be present in the cast of the film, his presence in August in SummerSlam would be put to the test, given the inability to travel.

still far and wide around the world, without waiting for several days of fiduciary quarantine for the covid. In some areas of Europe, in fact, such as England for example, it is compulsory to do a quarantine before being able to shoot freely, so if Cena were to really be part of the filming of this latest film, in our continent, he could not in almost all probability also take part in the summer Big Four of the McMahon federation.

The problem that led him not to show up for Wrestlemania, was in fact the same, with the restrictions of Canada, the location of the shooting of Peacemaker, which in fact forced him to give up even a fleeting appearance on the rings of the Showcase of the Immortals.

, not to block the crew from filming for weeks. This concern could extend over to Cena and 'Argylle' A potential injury to the 16-time world champion at SummerSlam may halt filming and the insurance regarding it could be a major issue for the production company.

So, the doubts over John Cena's potential match against Roman Reigns lie mainly due to the risk of injury rather than scheduling conflicts, which could be worked around if needed. However, his status has not been confirmed one way or another, so Cena is not yet ruled out of SummerSlam.