What will happen to Jimmy Uso now?

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What will happen to Jimmy Uso now?

One of the most talked-about news this week within the WWE crew but also outside, among the fans of the WWE Universe, was obviously the arrest of Jimmy Uso, Roman Reigns' younger cousin and Jey Uso's twin brother who was caught for the fourth time driving his car in a state of intoxication, after drinking several beers before getting behind the wheel.

After being arrested by the American police and having to pay a bail to get out of jail immediately, for Jey's brother things are now looking pretty bad within WWE, given his huge involvement in the main storyline of Friday Night Smackdown.

from which now the leadership of the federation will have to decide whether to oust him or not.

Jimmy Uso was released after posting a bail

After going on a rampage, for the umpteenth and sensational arrest that once again threw mud on the Usos and on the WWE itself, the executives of the Stamford company would have divided into who would want Jimmy Uso ousted from any great future project and who instead he would like him to finish the work he started alongside Roman Reigns, his brother Jey and Paul Heyman.

Apparently, the official response of Vince McMahon on the case is expected shortly, with the WWE Chairman who should thus decide the fate of the athlete's future, after yet another media hype caused by his arrest. As reported by the pages of the well-known overseas site, the Ringside News, moreover: "If there was an argument, it was between Vince and talent relations director John Laurinaitis.

Once they have decided, Bruce Prichard will put that decision into the loop. Then Ed Koskey and Ryan Callahan. At the end of all the creative tam." In practice, after the decision that Vince McMahon will probably make himself, there will be an escalation of information and communications that will invade the WWE environments and thus lead Jimmy Uso to know the type of future that he will have on WWE televisions, but at a guess, even if he is offered another chance, it seems that this is definitely the last that WWE is willing to offer him.

Jimmy was prominently featured in the main event scene of SmackDown involving his brother Jey Uso and cousin, Roman Reigns. The Usos had recently lost the tag team titles to father-son duo Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Things went downhill for Jimmy Uso post the defeat against the Mysterios.

He and Jey have failed to reclaim their titles from them after multiple attempts. Following a disagreement, Jimmy Uso took his brother Jey's place as the right-hand man for Roman Reigns. In a bid to prove his loyalty to Roman Reigns, he has been dealing with his opponents for him.