What is Daniel Bryan's situation at the moment?

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What is Daniel Bryan's situation at the moment?

In recent weeks, one of the biggest absentees of Friday Night Smackdown has undoubtedly been Daniel Bryan, former WWE Champion, who sadly misses the appeal from the company's blue show, for having lost his last title fight against Roman Reigns.

In the last match he had against the Tribal Chief of the federation, in fact, there was a very precise stipulation, which in fact saw Bryan leave Smackdown forever if he had lost the umpteenth titled chance against the elder cousin of the Usos, which obviously is arrived not too late after the start of the dispute.

If immediately after Bryan, Cesaro was fed to Reigns, unfortunately with the same sentence had by the former American Dragon, at the moment to parry in front of the Universal champion of the WWE Friday night show, the WWE Hall thought about it instead.

of Famer Edge, who after returning from his absence of a few months in post-Wrestlemania, has resumed the feud with Reigns from where he left him.

Daniel Bryan's future with WWE remains uncertain

In recent weeks, Daniel Bryan's name has been mentioned very often in front of the cameras of the federation, not to accustom WWE Universe fans to his possible return, but simply to use his departure from the scene to further increase the status of Reigns.

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known site Wrestling Observer, through the microphones of the daily newsletter by Dave Meltzer, we learn that: "Regarding all the mentions of Daniel Bryan on television in the recent period, we are told that there is no indication of him coming back anytime soon.

They keep mentioning him and mentioning his name because he's an integral part of the story built to keep Reigns vs Edge going since their first fight and it's also the reason why Edge didn't win the title."

Although some fans or insiders might think that the constant mention of Bryan could be a way for the company to bring him closer to the television screens of the federation, apparently this is absolutely not the intention of the WWE nor of the wrestler, which for the moment remains still resting at home, with his wife and daughters.

Speaking to Boston Wrestling MWF’s Dan Mirade, John Cena Sr. said he would like his son to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38. Discussing Bryan’s possible involvement at next year’s event, he added that the two-time WrestleMania main-eventer is likely “done” with WWE long-term.

“Now you’ve gotta fill your card,” John Cena Sr. said. “Maybe it’s a Daniel Bryan retirement match. You know, anything, anything. Bryan’s finished anyway. I think he’s done, I really do. I think the world of Daniel Bryan.

I think he’s reached… enough is enough with WWE. I think he wants to branch out, and justly so he should”.