*Spoiler* Roman Reigns returns to reunite...

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*Spoiler* Roman Reigns returns to reunite...

Welcome everyone to the Friday Night SmackDown report, exceptionally presented by your Beppe Ieno! Today we will have two qualifying matches and the news of Bianca Belair's first challenger after the serious injury that occurred in Bayley in the afternoon.

Let's not get lost in chat and the evening starts immediately with JIMMY USO who is looking for ROMAN REIGNS, but PAUL HEYMAN invites him to wait! The UNIVERSAL CHAMPION ROMAN REIGNS arrives in the ring, accompanied by PAUL HEYMAN!

The Tribal Chief responds to criticism of last week's absence by stating that he has no awe of Edge and says it's time to think about family! In fact, the Big Dog summons JIMMY USO, who arrives in the square and is perplexed by the attitude of seven days ago, but Roman replies by reiterating his disappointment towards his cousin after the attack suffered by the Rated-R Superstar!

Roman Reigns was missing from last week’s WWE SmackDown

Universal Champion Roman Reigns was missing from last week’s WWE SmackDown. This allowed Edge to attack Jimmy Uso and make an example out of him. Jimmy was looking for Reigns early on Friday night, and Paul Heyman assured him that he would appear this week.

To complete the family reunion, JEY USO is missing, who enters the ring and promises to win the couple titles so that the Samoan trio has the belts with them! It all ends with a group hug (quite false but details…)!

Backstage we see Kayla Braxton interviewing BARON CORBIN, who reiterates how his life has become hell due to the loss of the crown and promises redemption tonight to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match! The disgraced king Meanwhile, guitarist RICK BOOGS and BIG E arrive, the latter interested spectator ...

-Money In The Bank Qualifying Match: King Nakamura w Rick Boogs Vs Baron Corbin Nakamura starts very well and after a few seconds Corbin is already out of the square and is attacked also from Boogs! The former King Of The Ring replies with a nice Suplex, but only gets a 2!

The Artist gets up and prepares a KINSHASA… BUT SUFFERING A DEVASTATING TIGHT ARM !!! Corbin wants to close… END OF DAYS… AVOIDED !!! Shinsuke performs a series of kicks and… KINSHASA TO SIGN !!!

1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! KING NAKAMURA QUALIFIES FOR THE MITB LADDER MATCH !!! Backstage we see USOS hugging and saying they want to resolve some issues before Roman Reigns does!